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We hope that this page can be a starting reference point for you to get the most from your modem, and hence your connection to us and the internet in general. If you know of a link or reference to modem(s) and general connectivity that you feel should be here, please send it to and we will endeavor to review and get it on-line.
Modems connect - or don't connect - based on many different variables. Much is heard and said about phone line noise because this is probably the number one culprit in modem connection problems - but it is not the only one by any means.... Most of us know that trying to use the key to our neighbors Rambler station wagon in our new Truck probably won't work. Well, using a modem that has not been set for the system type you are connecting to can sometimes be as bad. Or worse, it seems to work sometimes and doesn't others...
As a starting point, if you are having connection problems, you might try the string &F in your modems ADVANCED SETTINGS box. If this seems to help, then please visit either your modem manufacturer site, or maybe (listed below) and see if there are more advanced settings that will get the most from your modem - and your connections to us!!

Starting Points
Who Made My Modem?? 
Modem links General links
56K=v.Unreliable Navas 28800-56K Modem FAQ
56K Resources Connnectivity Knowledge
FMG Modem Drivers Bay Networks Modem sheet
Internet Technology Init Strings The ModemShop
3com USR X2 Page
ECSIS.NET V.90 Information ECSIS.NET V.90 Modem Compatibility
ECSIS.NET V.90 Issues USR Modem Connection Tips
V.90 Standard
LT WinModem Information

Digitan Systems makes modems for many OEM computers such as Pionex, Quantex, etc.
CSS Internet's Modem settings Guide
Check out our Modem Upgrade Site Listing Modem Upgrade Site 

My thanks to Terry Traylor for assisting us in putting this page and the Modem Upgrade page together. If you know of information that should be here, please let us know..


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