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If you haven't done so yet drop by this page http:// / and read about the Bad-boy Bugs running around out there these days. If you are using Anti-virus software make sure you have the up-to-date. Virus definitions downloaded from your respective vendor . If you're not using Anti-virus software... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

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If you didn't find what you need here You should check-out Dave Central from the Ticker below. He does a much better job than I staying current, and on top of what is new and useful.
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Lockergnome's Free E-Zines

Re-install Windows 95 without losing your data.

Transfer Windows 95 to that new Hard Drive you bought.

Netuser Pages

Last updated Saturday, Dec.30,2000

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Netuser is a Free Service originally started and maintained by Ron Bizzle until his death. He will be sorely missed - especially since we are looking for someone else to fill his shoes and maintain this space - on Hard Drive Space provided Free of charge by ECSIS.

The Netuser Group holds Free, monthly meetings that are open to anyone interested in learning more about the Internet or computers in general. They are very informal and informative.

The Netuser List is a Free mailing list to allow people to ask questions or just communicate with others on the List. A very good way to get some of the help you may need from time to time.

To join the Netuser List:
Click here and type the word "ADD" in the Subject Line 

To stop the Netuser List:
Click here and type the word "REMOVE" in the Subject Line 

If you have ANY problems with the Netuser Pages, Please contact us

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