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Cats ' Christmas Picture 

Mandy, B. J. and Christie

Dog's Christmas Picture

Sully, Spot and Bonnie

These are our profile shots taken last Christmas. We actually run the house and only allow Leslie to live there.

Now that you've seen the beauty of the family, go ahead if you must and visit Leslie's page.

Note from Leslie: Spot passed away in 1999. He spent many years protecting me and trying his best to teach Bonnie and Sully how to be good dogs. Since his death Bonnie has continually dug under the fence to run the fields and sometimes just to lay in the front yard. Sully has tried his best to become Alpha dog, but he is the youngest and Bonnie rebels. It used to be amazing how Spot could just stand up and look at Bonnie and Sully and they would be quiet and lay down. He was a really good dog and was loyal from the day I brought him home from the animal shelter. He is greatly missed.


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