Hey, what's up, this is Natalie, but of course you already knew that because you prolly read the big sign up top that says Natalie's Webpage. Duh! Anyways, I'm just a little country girl from Tennessee. I live with my parents, why, because I don't have to pay for it. Anyways, I've lived here for about 7 years, in which time I made some really great friends. Some are a member of "The Basement Mafia" which consists of a bunch of rednecks hanging out in the basement of our friends house. They are Bryan and Cheryl Lynn, it's their basement. Then there's Adam Newell, Big Jon Welch, Darren Blalock, Afton Elam, me, and a couple others I can't remember at this time.

I'm not stuck up and I don't just stick to one group of people. Some of my other friends would be; Candace Alexander and her boyfriend Justin Crawford, who everyone just calls "CrawDaddy", Then there's Kim Dennison and her boyfriend Matt Wilson, I always call him "Pappa Matt", Kim Weeks and her boyrfriend Josh Tutor, Judith McCormick and her fiance James Reagan, Mariam Blalock and her boyfriend Joe Swafford, and Jennifer Sudbury and her fiance Thomas Dudley. Do you see a pattern here?
Me, I'm single. Is it because I choose to be? Yes and No. Yes, because every guy that I have dated since I have lived here has either cheated on me or treated me like crap and all of them have broken my heart. So I have a small problem with trusting guys, not all guys, just guys that want to go out with me. No, because it's not like I haven't looked around. There are just not any guys that I could consider dating. Well, there are but their either taken, too much like a brother to me, or I just don't feel like they would have anything to do with me. This is not a sob story because I'm not crying. I'm happy with myself and I've learned that I don't need a guy to make me happy!=)

Anyways, I'm not a complicated person. I like normal things, like hanging out with my friends and stuff. We go out to clubs everyonce in a while or we just hang out in the basement. But you know every once in a while I like to stay home and spend time with my family. I mean come on, no matter what happens in your life when you look back, your always gonna have your family and I personally treasure mine.

I also like to go out to the movies, ride around town every once in a while and see who all is out. Normal teenage stuff. Of course I don't go out like every night of the week though, I mean come on, really people, I have a job and I am responsible enough to know I need to sleep at night so I can wake up and function properly. Besides living with my parents and working for them, I gotta get plenty of sleep to handle all that. But that's just life. You take it as it comes. So that's me!

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