When I work with wood, it takes me back in time; When I learned from a man such skill so fine. He may not know it but he taught me a lot, Like not to let that saw blade get too hot. The way I wear my pencil in my cap, So when I need it I know where it's at. I can draw a line with a pencil at the end of the tape; From this end to that end, it will still be straight. I know how to hold my finger Against the edge of the skill saw And the edge of the board, To rip a narrow piece I either need or discard. I know to sand with the grain And keep the glue off the wood. Which way does the bow go? Just like you taught me Dad, Up like it should. I know the difference between 3/8 and 1/2 inch, And how to apply sealer and get a very nice finish. You've taught me a lot Dad and these are just a few Of the many things that remind me of you. I Love You Dad Robert

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