Time Travel was submitted for your enjoyment 10/26/96 by Seron Willoughby
This is my first attempt at writing a Story. I wrote Poetry in High School, but never a story.....this one is meant to be one where the reader's imagination takes over BUT, I welcome anyone who desires to add to it, to do so. Maybe I'll even add more to it later on, myself! I love to read.....a great Horror or Time Travel story can keep me engrossed for hours!

Time Travel

	(The year is 1880)  
		Her name is  Anna Marie, the 15 year old  daughter of Justin and Samantha 
	Alexander, who own 500 acres on  South Mountain, in Eureka Springs.  The family isn't rich by 
	any means, but they have  everything they need to make life comfortable for them all.  Anna's 
	younger brother and sister are  twins, Jonathan and Sarah, age 5.  They live in a 12 room Victorian 
	styled home, and are all very proud of it.  The entire village is starting to look like a fairy tale place 
	with beautifully colored and decorated houses popping up everywhere!  The children attend 
	school classes in a small one-room school house that also is used as the Church on Sunday 
	mornings.  Anna  likes to visit the attic room, which is accessable only through a small crawl space 
	hidden in the back of her closet.  She had accidentally discovered it one day when she was a small 
	child.  She crawled through the narrow opening and stood, observing her surroundings.  Off in the 
	corner were several blankets that she sat on to read.  Books weren't easy to come by, but when she 
	could get her hands on one, she'd find plenty of quiet away from the children in here.  There was a 
	shelf set up in there where she had set up her favorite items over the years.  She sat to read her 
	latest book, and fell asleep before she even got into the introduction.
	(The year 1996)  
		My name is Shelby Dawn Simmons.  I'm 15 years old and am the only child of James 
	and Sandy Simmons.  We live in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, at the top  of the South Mountain, in a 12 
	room Victorian Styled house.  We've done a lot of re-modeling in the past few years, and the house is 
	about as modern as it can get without totally destroying the natural beauty of the original house.  
	When I was a little girl, I discovered this really cool little room hidden in a little crawl space in my 
	closet.  I marveled at the array of items sitting on the shelves, covered in cobwebs.  It took quite a bit 
	of soap and water to clean things up, but what a beautiful collection of things I found!  There is a very 
	old, ornate hair brush with gold trim and painted on it's surface is a picture of our house!  There are 
	little carved figurines, and even a very old book in here.  I've never even looked very closely at this 
	book, but as I pick it up, I notice a strange design on the cover.  It's too faded to tell much about it.  
	All of a sudden, I feel so sleepy, and lay down on my sleeping bag, with the book still in my hand.

		A storm arises....lightening flashes....and it's so un-naturally loud that it awakens me.  The 
	book in my hands has suddenly become very hot, and I drop it.  Looking at my hand, I see a 
	bright red welt across my palm and fingers.  I need to see my mom about getting some medication 
	for this!  As I crawl through the narrow opening, and step into my bedroom, I notice that it doesn't 
	look as it's suppose to look.  The bed is very tall, and too high off the ground.  All the furniture is 
	too high. Where did my television and stereo go?  Who took my bedroom furniture and why is the 
	floor so cold and hard?  What's going on here?  The next thing I knew, a woman wearing a funny 
	costume is bending over me, two small children are crying and a man with a strange looking beard is 
	preparing to lift me from the floor......
	(The year 1880) 
		Anna Marie awakens, startled out of her slumber by the eerie sound of the storm.  
	The book, still clutched in her hand, suddenly becomes very hot.  She drops it, and notices a red 
	welt across her palm and fingers.  She slips through the narrow opening in the wall leading to her 
	bedroom, and as she rises, she is shocked to discover that her bedroom is NOT her bedroom!  
	There is strange looking furniture in place of her own.  There is a funny looking contraption with 
	dials and knobs over in the corner, atop a strange looking box with a glass front and knobs. What 
	is THAT?  She screams....a woman wearing a shockingly short dress runs into the room.....

by Sissi on 23 October

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