Submitted by CJP (10/27/96)

The Winter Storm

	 Listen very closely and you will hear, the rumble of the trees very far 
but oh so near.
As the tree branches hit the top of the roof,the sky turns really bright
like it is daylight.
the rain has started to come down heavy, the clouds are growing darker.
The wind begins to shift and now blowing much harder.

Listen to nature as it cries aloud ,listen to the wind as it whistles
so strong. Listen to the owls so far away.All they say is WHOoooooooo!
Listen to the sounds of the winter storm.

As the rain begins to stop,A peek outside makes you wonder.
Just what has happened to all that thunder.

The sky's so bright, the ground so white, Oh my goodness, it snowed last

written 10/27/96

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