The Faculty of Wonder
(A Prophet's Vision)

Others' lofty words of souls and beauty
Precede my voice by centuries
Yet I am not world-weary
The status of my adult years
has not rendered me a seasoned sailor
The eloquent visions and panoramic dreamscapes
of childhood linger yet vivid in my memory
But then, whatever is innocence?

Gazing through rose-colored lenses
thicker than my grandfather's toupe
they'd call me naive
or better yet an optimist
But the mirror doesn't lie
although the same image assaults my eyes forever
Prayers of metamorphosis are a denial of human nature
Living with ourselves wasn't meant to be easy
a curse lurks beneath the sludge of conformity
humane faults blind an entire race to blameless evil

A matronly planet plagued by cities of children
whose dreams of prosaic mediocrity
fester in her womb like demon larvae
She is undermined by the hands of wraiths whose very vessels
of corruption were created by a Master whose self portrait was distorted
by the intense pain of self-reflection

Yet something tangible claws its way through her chaos
Relying upon a spirit whose joy extends beyond
the narrow boundaries of a hand-to-mouth existence
He spends eternity constructing, not merely seeking,
an unattainable dream

The human soul lies a passive victim to white picket fences
surrender is a brief facade of victory
Unexplored worlds emerge beyond the Garden
abolishing the barriers of ancient convictions
querying fingers poke through the cracks
in search of new traditions

The sin of forbidden knowledge dissolves in man's mythology.

Robyn B. Kurdek
July 7, 1997

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