As thoughts enchant my mind
And night begins to dawn
My eyes , in search to find
A cloud to lay upon.
My tiny spheres begin to flutter
And the scene is cut to blue
My mouth wide open as if to mutter
The words of I love you.
The darkness fills every sense
And my world just disappears
My problems, no matter how intense
Are banished with all my fears
The greyish tint around the sky
Has become a hazel hue
The wind is cold, and as I fly
My life comes into view
The subtle slate of my past
Consoles my aching soul
Darkness becoming ever vast
Corrupts my sole heart whole
Look into my eyes and what do you see
Nothing in there resembles me
Look in my chest what do you find
A cold heart with nothing inside
Look at my soul there's nothing more
Than just what I've said before
On the other hand
Nothing is what it seems
And that is why
I love all my dreams

by: Eddie Fisher.....(cyberjunky)

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