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Last updated Saturday, July 26, 1997

This Page was created for and dedicatd to those people who have the need or desire to express themselves through the written word. Whether it is a Poem, Short Story, Novela, Prose,or Play, this is the place for it.


Please be aware and informed that this page is designed for people who simply want to "share" their work. It is a place to publish things you've done. To do so carries with it certain legal consequences. If you post an un-copyrighted work here it becomes part of the "Public Domain". That means anybody can copy and use it. It also means that once it is posted in that manner (un-copyrighted) it can't be later removed and copyrighted. As I have said, this page is for the writers among you who write as a hobby or for the simple Joy of it. If you have ideas of using your work commercially... PLEASE DON'T submit it.

Unless and until I devise a better method for you to submit your work, please simply send it to me; Ron Bizzle I will in turn put in the HTML formating and place your work here.

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