How do I perform a verification reinstall?

Discussion: Sometimes a Windows 9x system can get "messed up" and you need a way to bring it back to normalcy without losing existing installations of programs and other items. Most of the time you can fix problems by using a technique known as a verification reinstall of Windows 9x.


  1. Insert the disk containing the Windows 9x setup program in the appropriate drive. (I sure hope it's a CD :-)

  2. Type the following command by going to the Start Menu and selecting the Run option:
    x:\setup.exe /p v
    where x represents the drive containing the Windows 9x setup program.

  3. The setup program will begin what looks like a normal setup of Windows 9x. What it is really doing is validating the standard system files and the Registry entries related to them. It will replace any corrupt or missing files. During the process the program may find that you have newer versions of some of the standard files than are on the original disk, in which case it will ask if you want to keep the newer version or replace it with the original. In most cases you should keep the newer version. Once the system reboots, after copying files, you will probably see several error messages about missing files. (normally the ones noted earlier) In each case you should use the Skip option if it is available or the Cancel option if the Skip option is grayed out.