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Happy New Year!

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B***ch sent the following: Unknown

I can't wait to play the lottery here in TN instead of driving to another state! I just wonder when it will start.

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James sent the following: Question

When does the lottery start in Tenn ? I'm ready to play.

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Tom sent the following: Comment

Help !!!

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Boon sent the following: Suggestion

Hold Your Breath: a cd to benefit the West Memphis 3 defense fund. ----------------------------------------------------------------- With the continuing saga of the west memphis three (, everyone supporting the cause is trying to do what they can to help out through music, and its no different on the DIY front. Drop out digest, a local scene whose home base is located only 45 minutes from the murder site, is now looking for help in putting together a benefit alblum for the west memphis 3. This will be a compilation record, and any bands signed or unsigned can submit music. original or covers, as long as you have the permission and rights to the song you're covering... and understand that entirely all of the money used and made will be going towards the defense funding of the WM3. Drop out digest is self funding the production of the cd, but financial help in making things happen and getting a great alblum out is welcome. This will be a great oppurtunity for any unsigned bands to support a great cause while getting their music exposed to the world as the cause continues to be recognized and supported in every major country of the world, and all over the united states. to help, contact us in the following ways: e-mail: aim: EruptInViolence msn messenger: ICQ: 173675768 Phone: 870 532 9669 This comp is currently featuring the following bands: Me Vs Everybody Whatever It Takes The Fillmores Nor Am I Headshot(aus) Deceiving Ralph Talent Scam Double Fisted The Torn Down Units My Friend Amy The PennyRoyals Hundred Acre Forest Shayde(aus) Band of Felons

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Loretta Ramey sent the following: Reply

Hi Nancy. How do you lilke the snow? Great. Huh! Me and Trevor are enjoying it very much.

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snowbird sent the following: Question

SNOW? This aint snow. This is enough to make people hibernate for 3 days and get their bread and milk. You people do not even know what snow is!

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Franklin Hurst sent the following: Comment

"Well" It fooled hell outta me! I sure thought it was snow.Looked like snow,cold like snow,tasted like snow when we made snowcream!"OH Shit" if it was'nt snow,could it be one of Saddam's biological weapon's????

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Franklin Hurst sent the following: Reply

Who in their right mind would want to help 3 murderer's?(Confessed&Convicted!!) Steve Earl tried to help the stupid little bastard's and it did'nt do them,or him,any good either,and he's a lot better known than a lot of these jerk's!!!

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snowbird sent the following: Comment

snowcreme ahhhh how sweet.

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You are right sent the following: Reply

We don't know what snow is. We do, however, know what snow birds are.

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AAHHH it really is with just the right amount of sugar!!!

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Paul sent the following: Question

Hopefully yall boiled the snow first to make it safe to eat!! : ^ )

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Observer sent the following: Comment

Must not be much happening in the Dyersburg area lately.

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Pretty good observance!

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Paul sent the following: Comment

Yeah,,,,Dyersburg died when I left town!! :~^ ))

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Lauderdale Council of Arts sent the following: Comment

The Gary Beard Chorale will be in concert FRI February 21, 2003 7PM at the Ripley High School Performing Arts Theater, Ripley Tennessee. The twenty-four member group is from the famed Lindenwood Church Choir of Memphis,Tennessee. This year's event "Give My Regards!" is sponsored by the Lauderdale County Council of Arts....NO ADMISSION FEE....You are invited.

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To Give Away sent the following: Question

Is there anyone out there who would like to have a puppy? My son got this puppy and his landlord is going to make him move if he doesn't get rid of it. It is approx. 3 months old and it has some bird dog in it. It is mostly white with brown spots. Looks kinda like freckles. Somebody please take him or else he will have to go to the pound and eveyone knows what happens there.

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To Give Away sent the following: Comment

Oops! I forgot to mention that it is a male puppy. And if anyone is interested, we live here in Dyersburg and will bring the puppy to you. I sure hope someone can help us out with this.

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To give away sent the following: Comment

Lenox- Nauvoo Road

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old timer sent the following: Question

so anything new going on in dyersburg. any body divorcing or filing bankruptcy?

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Both of them sound like good idea's!!!!!

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what do you call about a woman that has married the same man 3 times in a 4-year period? STUPID!

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ch sent the following: Question

I am interested in putting my child in pageants............does anyone know any info on pageants coming up?

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Is there any life on this planet??

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joker sent the following: Comment

There may be life on this planet but, I'm doubting the amount of common sense that exists...

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all for it sent the following: Comment

I say hooray to the Dixie Chicks! Someone finally spoke the truth about Bush!

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gean sent the following: Reply

i think that the dixie chics needs to have a few eggs cracked when it comes to the president of our country. if anyone needs to be ashamed it should be president bush and the american people for having to defend our countrys leaders and soldiers from texas trash. our president is in there cleaning up after other presidents that were to weak to do the job them selves. what are the chics cherping about, there asses are not hung out in the desert wind but maybe they are being plucked in the u.s.a.

------------------ Wed Mar 19 22:07:48 2003 --------------------------

Observer sent the following: Reply

The Dixie Chicks are performers. They exist because they are talented, pretty and got a break somewhere down the line. The know that to stay in the public's eye (or ear) they have to do what they do best. They should have known to stay away from trying to impress their political opinions on the very same people that buy their records and listen to their songs on the radio. If they lose sight of that and blurt out something stupid that will anger even their best fans, then they drop off the radar screen and have to apologize for it forever. Can they rebound? Probably not. What was a career turned into 15 minutes of fame and a lifetime of shame. I hope they invested wisely and can find somewhere to live outside of Texas. When you make your living pleasing the public, shut up. Just shut up.

------------------ Thu Mar 20 19:28:37 2003 --------------------------

Franklin Hurst sent the following: Reply

Notice,the Dixie Shit's were to chicken to say what they said in the good ole USA! I want to personally thank all the radio station's that pulled their music off the air,especially the Texas station's!!!!

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A Nobody sent the following: Comment

We all have our own faults. No one is perfect.(includes the chicks and Bush)If everyone in the United States would honestly say what's on their mind, then we would be the most miserable people on earth, cause no one would like anyone! That's why I keep alot of my opions to myself. I dislike people to hate me for what I say and/or do, althought it has happened!!!!! Guess that's why I'm not a "politcal" person.

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Hessian sent the following: Question

I heard that this summer a skatepark would be built in Dyer County or possibly the surrounding area. Has anyone heard of this? I think it might just be a rumor, but if anyone has more info please let me know.

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Actually that's a State Park. It going to be built where the Mall used to be.

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chicks fan sent the following: Comment

So you have never made a mistake? I think most people have that's for sure. She apologized for it. So what is to be said about Bush never serving in the military? Is that a mistake? He lives going to Camp David to "get away from the white house". How about going to the front lines with the men that are being killed and captured, that would get him away. What about all of the friendly fire, do you condemn the people that did it? People need to lighten up but then that's the thinking of people that voted for Bush because they didn't want GUN CONTROL!!!!

------------------ Sun Mar 23 22:36:55 2003 --------------------------

Ex-Chics Fan sent the following: Comment

That wasn't a mistake, that was STUPIDITY! A mistake is forgivable, igronance is curable, unfortunately STUPIDITY IS FOREVER! And I'm not even a big Bush fan, although if the election were today and the same folks were running, I'd still have to vote for Bush. If Gore were President I'm sure we'd still be negotiating with the Taliban about turning over Osama. This Country has freedom of speech and you do have the right to express your opinion, but the public has the right to support or not support you if they don't agree with you. I'd never support anyone I couldn't agree with.

------------------ Mon Mar 24 14:41:23 2003 --------------------------

Hessian sent the following: Question

The Dyersburg Mall? Does anyone have more info on this?

------------------ Mon Mar 24 21:21:56 2003 --------------------------

Ross sent the following: Reply

Take a look at what's left of the mall. They have chased off their best stores and the rest are having a hard time with the high rent and the hard to work with manager. When JC Penny closes its all over! Where are all the restaurants? Why is every merchant leaving? Too bad it didn't work out, but the small mall mindedness and outrageous rent has had tenants bolting since the doors opened in 1985. We had the economic base back then, but we don't now and ownership doesn't see fit not to run off good renters with higher rate demands. Think about it. You can't buy a stick of gum, a magazine or a CD in the mall. Radio Shack has tried for years to make it happen but they have their problems too. I hate to see this happen, but look for weeds in the teeny little parking lot soon.

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BMatthews sent the following: Comment

~~~L@@K at new post on WANT ADS.....

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LT Layne McDowell sent the following: Comment

An open letter to the Dixie Chicks: Earlier this week, while performing in London, you stated that you were ashamed that our President is from your home state. I wonder if you realized how many Americans would be listening. This American was listening. This Texan is ashamed that you come from my state. I serve my country as an officer in the United States Navy. Specifically, I fly F-14 Tomcats off carriers around the world, executing the missions that preserve the very freedom you claim to exercise. I have proudly fought for my country in the skies over Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan without regret. Though I may disagree wholeheartedly with your comments, I will defend to the death your right to say them, in America. But for you to travel to a foreign land and publicly criticize our Commander in Chief is cowardice behavior. Would you have so willingly made those comments while performing for a patriotic, flag-waving crowd of Texans in Lubbock. I would imagine not. How dare you pocket profits off songs about soldiers, their deaths and patriotism while criticizing their Commander in Chief abroad, even while they prepare to give their lives to ensure your own freedom of speech. Please ask yourself, what have you done to deserve that sacrifice? Do not try to justify your comments by claiming that you made them only because you care about innocent lives. Never once in our history have we committed troops to war for the purpose of taking innocent lives. We do it to protect innocent lives, even yours. If the world leaders of the late 1930's had the vision and courage of our present Commander in Chief, perhaps the evil men who caused the death of millions in WWII would have never had the opportunity to harm a soul. The potential loss of millions of lives in the future at the hands of today's evil men necessitate action.

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Franklin Hurst sent the following: Comment

That pretty well put's it in a nutshell!!!!!! Very well said!!

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So I guess it's ok to protest the war and throw yourself down in front of cars too? I'd hate it if they threw themselves in front of mine. It would be the last time they'd do it!

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sweetpkm sent the following: Question

franklin hurst......whats you email address? ermco employee

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courtney sent the following: Question

i love chalkboards

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courtney sent the following: Question

i love chalkboards!!!!!!!!!!!! !

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well then we are glad that you love them!!

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KlassyBabe sent the following: Question

Has anyone experienced a problem with Bellsouth and Verizon's 11 digit long distance charge? What I was wondering is I do understand there is a long distance charge when calling my cell phone this was as of yesterday...I have since changed my my cell number to a local number. What I was wondering is, I use call forwarding a lot, once I forward my calls to my cell number "with the understanding I am being charged for the forward" am I also being charged for all incoming calls made to my home number which is local and then Verizon completes the call? I feel violated, not counting on what my next long distance phone bill will be. What is so bad about this is I was never notified by Bellsouth or Verizon. I read of this change it in the State Gazette. Thanks for your time in reading my post.

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lost sent the following: Question

Sorry but I'm lost with all of this. Why wouldn't you have a hard local number on your phone to begin with? I'm just trying to understand what's going on.

------------------ Sun Apr 27 21:33:29 2003 --------------------------

KlassyBabe sent the following: Reply

I have a 627 prefix at home, by that you know where I live, for over a year all I had to do to forward my calls from home to my cell phone was to dial 72# then put in my cell number which is 9 digits, for an example: 72# to forward from my home plus 694-xxxx my cell number. That was not long distance! I didn't have to put 1 and the area code before my cell number to forward my calls. Now without notice, I had to dial 72#-1-731-694-xxxx to forward from home to cell phone, which makes it a long distance call. So now, I have been charged all month at long distance rates to forward my calls. My question is am I also being charge for all incoming forward calls?????? After Bellsouth s change if anyone were to call my cell phone direct say from Dyersburg or the surrounding area it would be long distance for the caller, because of 1 + area code and before it didn t require 1 & the area code which made it a local call for both parties. Now, on a forward call the person only has to call my home number (which is local) if you re calling from Newbern or Dyersburg. All my calls are coming through to my cell phone but am I being charged for the long distance call since it s long distance for me to call my cell from home. I m pretty sure in a call forward when someone calls my home phone my phone has to call my cell number. I guess one has to understand call forwarding. I thought I did till they changed it. Does that make any sense at all??? I hope I didn t confuse you more. Thanks for replying to my post. )

------------------ Sun Apr 27 21:47:18 2003 --------------------------

KlassyBabe sent the following: Suggestion

Maybe if you have time to read the article that I did from the State Gazette you would have a better understanding about what has happened with Verizon and Bellsouth. The only problem with the article is it doesn t get into call forwarding. Thanks for your time and patience......

------------------ Mon Apr 28 15:12:39 2003 --------------------------

KlassyBabe sent the following: Comment

UPDATE! My long distance "MCI" carrier answered my question and YES even though my calls were forwarded to my cell from home if someone called me at my home number which is a local call for the caller if they are in my area is also considered long distance. (Including nights and weekends.) Long story short, I am not going to pay my next long distance bill for anything that pertains to my cell phone and call forwarding to my cell phone due to lack of notification from any party involved. Bellsouth informed me that this would not affect my local carrier. People please be aware of dirty underhanded business deals like this one. Thanks for your time in reading my post.

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sent the following: Question

Happy Mother's Day!

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none ya sent the following: Unknown

what about ashley buckner?

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Rambo sent the following: Question

what about ashley buckner???

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sent the following: Question

who is ashley buckner??????????? gossip gossip

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LJ aka DJ Futuristic sent the following: Question

i have a question...if i brought an electronic dance scene to hampton roads...would this area suport it?

------------------ Sun Jun 8 17:27:05 2003 --------------------------

sent the following: Question

Where is Hampton Roads?

------------------ Mon Jun 9 22:07:39 2003 --------------------------

. sent the following: Comment

this area doesn't support anything. they just complain especially if it's not free!

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Robin sent the following: Question

So who are all those people at Relay For Life, Community Cancer BBQ, Walk America, Red Cross Benefits, Heart Fund, and Boy Scout Spaghetti Suppers. Who is it that buys the Rotary Chicken, Knights of Columbus Cajun Chicken and Millsfield BBQ Fundraisers. The list goes on and on. We do care and we do support!

------------------ Wed Jun 11 22:05:02 2003 --------------------------

. sent the following: Comment

whoa there alive! there alive!

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Polyone sent the following: Question

So what's going on with the affairs going on at Polyone?

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Hospitals and Doctors sent the following: Suggestion

What hospitals and doctors don't want you to know. Hospitals and doctors don't want you to know about discounts for services rendered. You can receive 25% to 50% on medical services even if you have medical insurance. How do I know, because I did. I was self insured and required medical care. I received 50% off form the hospital and 25% off from the doctors. I had insurance on my daughter with a deductible, when she injured herself but I still received 25% off from the doctor and physical therapy faclilty. I will send you the information free. Just e-mail me at Just think this information will save you 25% or $250.00 the first time you use it toward your $1000.00 medical insurance deductible. Why pay high cost for medical treatment? The information I will send you for free will esplain 6 steps I used to receive the discounts from the hospitals and doctors. If you don't think hospitals and doctors will discount their services just use the 6 steps the next time you have a medical bill to pay. Use the steps I know they work and spend the savings on yourself.

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sent the following: Comment

get a dr to put you on disability, god knows theres enough of them that will illegally, and get all of your medical bills paid.

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Lauderdale Council of Arts sent the following: Comment

The Lauderdale County Council of Arts invite you to attend the Invitational Visual Art Exhibit July 10 through 31 in the lobby of the Bank of Ripley - 134 North Jefferson Street - Ripley, TN. The exhibit will be open MON-FRI 8-5 daily. During the annual Tomato Festival (July 10-12) the exhibit will be open on SAT July 12 @ 10AM -2PM for your viewing pleasure. Some 30 artists will present their work in various mediums. 731-635-9541 or 731-63-1230

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sent the following: Comment

For all of you gamblers out there, I was just browsing the web the other night and I noticed there is an online casino in Tennessee. The url is I usually head down to Caruthersville on Friday nights, but I checked out this casino and won $2,000 on the Carribean Poker! I hit a royal flush and couldn't believe it. I usually lose everything when I go to Aztar, but I guess I lucked out this time! made all of my money back that I

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sent the following: Comment

oh good another place the welfare and disbility recipients can spend their money.

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sent the following: Question

What the HELL is up with Polyone?

------------------ Sun Jul 27 23:29:40 2003 --------------------------

sent the following: Reply

They're changing their name to Polywannacracker.

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... sent the following: Question


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damn good question........,i don't know tha answre to that one!!!

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sent the following: Comment

Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead!

------------------ Tue Aug 12 15:51:41 2003 --------------------------

D.G. sent the following: Comment

The wicked witch is not dead. She is alive and well and teaching at DHS.

------------------ Sat Aug 16 17:32:48 2003 --------------------------

sent the following: Reply

She must be getting very old!! She taught there when i attended back in the sixtie's!!!

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Shelia sent the following: Question

So if the water in Newbern was bad back in March, and bad in July, bad at the beginning of school, did it clear up miraculously this weekend and nobody told us?? The reason I am asking is that they opened up the water fountains for our children to drink from in the schools today. Or is it just that the school board has decided it was spending too much money on bottled water. I paid my water bill just last Friday and the woman at the water dept. told me they wouldn't know anything for another 5 weeks. SO, WHAT'S UP????

------------------ Tue Aug 26 20:10:21 2003 --------------------------

H2OH sent the following: Reply

They privatized the garbage pickup here today. Maybe they need to privatize the water. The Mayor is deeply concerned, but the problem is not fixed. I don't know why people have been so passive about this. We can't drink the water, but we can pay for it?

------------------ Fri Aug 29 01:33:42 2003 --------------------------

Shelia sent the following: Comment

Sure we have to pay for it, as do we have to pay for the garbage because we can't burn it. But who is paying all the doctor visits?? I can't sit home all day to boil enough water for all the kool-aid I have to make. It's hard enough to worry about a family of 6 without having to boil all the water in the house. If Mr. Mayor is so worried, what is he going to do?? And what is up with the schools water?? NO ANSWERS BECAUSE NO ONE KNOWS???

------------------ Tue Sep 2 08:51:28 2003 --------------------------

ROAD Sale sent the following: Comment

~~~SEE Want Ad for information~~~~SAT Sept 6

------------------ Sun Sep 21 13:01:22 2003 --------------------------

I sent the following: Comment

Did anyone hear any of the interviews with the mayor during the DSCC situation. Why do people keep electing this man?

------------------ Mon Sep 22 15:58:15 2003 --------------------------

Johnny sent the following: Question

So, is Polyone a place to go and work if you want an extra girlfriend or something???

------------------ Tue Sep 23 22:52:28 2003 --------------------------

Casual Observer sent the following: Comment

Why does the current Mayor keep getting elected? Have you looked at his competetion in the last few elections? I think basically folks are just voting for "the best of the worst!" If he ever has any REAL competetion he won't be re-elected.....

------------------ Mon Oct 6 21:16:42 2003 --------------------------

sent the following: Question

Did Dyersburg Fabrics lay people off last week? We heard about 50 people.

------------------ Sun Oct 12 08:44:33 2003 --------------------------

sent the following: Reply

dyer fabrics might have but dyersburg fabrics didnt

------------------ Wed Oct 15 17:49:31 2003 --------------------------

sent the following: Question

ohhhhhhhh i just thought some people there still didnt believe that dyersburg fabrics even closed!!!!! so i was just satisfying them.

------------------ Wed Oct 15 21:44:27 2003 --------------------------

Yep sent the following: Reply

If they keep this up they will mess around and close Sylvania too.

------------------ Wed Oct 22 19:15:24 2003 --------------------------

Bank of Ripley sent the following: Comment

~~14th Annual "Festival of Quilts & Fine Needlework" --October 15--November 15 in the lobby of the Bank of Ripley - 134 Jefferson Street- Ripley TN ...8am -5PM. You will not want to miss this exhibit. Antique Quilts, New Quilts, Beautiful Needlework--Some itmes for sale. 731-635-1230 For a bird's eyeview of this event go to ---Group tours welcome

------------------ Wed Oct 29 16:38:03 2003 --------------------------

Joe sent the following: Comment

I always hear the people on the chalkboard complaining about how the things in Dyersburg and surrounding areas are, and all they do is watch it happen. Have you people ever thought about MOVING? There are jobs out there. Maybe not in Dyersburg or Newbern, but they are out there.

------------------ Sun Nov 2 16:15:58 2003 --------------------------

TONYA POOLE sent the following: Comment


------------------ Mon Nov 3 20:39:22 2003 --------------------------

Hooray! sent the following: Comment

Joe! Thank you Thank you! It's time someone else thought logical!

------------------ Wed Nov 5 15:40:51 2003 --------------------------

Auto Looker sent the following: Question

Just wondering what would be a "morally acceptable" length of time for a car dealer to advertise a vehicle for sale after they've already sold it? Moody-Wadley has a circular in the paper every week advertising a 2003 GMC Envoy that they don't have in stock, but at a great price. I started calling about it close to 3 months ago and was told it had already been sold. Several times since then I have been told it was "just sold." One salesman even told me he wasn't sure they ever even had it at this dealership, at least he had never seen it here. I bought a new vehicle about 6 weeks ago but it is kind of a game with me to call about this particular vehicle to see what kind of lame excuse they'll give for not having it. And folks wonder why we don't trust car dealers????

------------------ Mon Nov 10 13:02:42 2003 --------------------------

tnj1016 sent the following: Comment

There will be an auction to benefit the Crossroads Project at Elders Auction and Consignment at 128 E. Jackson St.( across from the Post Office ) in Ripley on Friday, November 14, 2003 at 6:30pm. Crossroads provides a food and clothing pantry for the community and also helps in the placement of individuals in Christian drug and alcohol rehab programs.

------------------ Sun Nov 16 04:41:15 2003 --------------------------

Joe sent the following: Comment

I'm glad that someone shares my opinion on things. I just wish that the rest of Dyer Co. could do the same.

------------------ Sun Nov 23 20:38:08 2003 --------------------------

Mr.Bill sent the following: Question

Have'nt been here a quite a spell...does Mr Peeveyhouse(I hope I spelled that right) still post here?

------------------ Thu Dec 4 10:08:50 2003 --------------------------

Local Access Internet sent the following: Comment

$9.99 High Speed Internet Access, Local Ripley, Dyersburg and most of WestTN numbers.....

------------------ Tue Dec 23 16:52:32 2003 --------------------------

sent the following: Question

anything new going on in dyersburg?

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For Sale sent the following: Question

AKC Labs Yellow (Blonde) for sale. Call 731-285-7052. $300.