MacUsers Chalk Board - January - October 2000

------------------ Tue Jan 4 12:56:25 2000 --------------------------

Larry Smith sent the following: Comment

Happy New Year to all you Mac users. Hopefully some of your computers are still working!!! (joking)...

------------------ Thu Jan 13 22:15:15 2000 --------------------------

kevin sent the following: Question

Happy "MAC" New Year!! I've been on P.C.'s for the last five years and for the new year I went "MAC"! Can anyone give me any web url's to learn about mac's? I'll check back here and see if there are any answers in the later date,thanks!

------------------ Sat Jan 15 17:48:40 2000 --------------------------

Researcher sent the following: Reply

Go to one of the macintosh search engines like or and search for 'links' or go to any search engine and search for 'macintosh links' and you'll find a ton of link sites like and You can find a link to just about any mac subject you're interested in from pages like these. Also check out if your interested in macintosh technical documentation. is another good link site.

------------------ Wed Jan 19 23:38:42 2000 --------------------------

Chucky sent the following: Suggestion

Or go to this is a mac news site with tons of articles about all things apple you'll find great links here! It's updated several times daily.

------------------ Sat Jan 22 00:17:29 2000 --------------------------

teri sent the following: Reply

Hopefully there will be some pages up on this dyersburg mac site in the next few weeks that will help you surf the best mac sites. Until we get them updated for your surfing pleasure, try the simple sites, they have links to lots and lots of mac sites. Like-,,,,,,,, oh and try this cool new site:

------------------ Sat Jan 22 15:49:41 2000 --------------------------

teri sent the following: Suggestion

I just found a neat interactive type site, made with FLASH, I see the future of websites in this one. Check it out when you have time. oh, and don't forget the dyersburg art site, while your surfing.:-)

------------------ Wed Feb 2 21:04:51 2000 --------------------------

Rolf Koob sent the following: Comment

SAVE YOUR STATE PARK !!! The Second Battle of Fort Pillow is about to begin...If you are interested in trying to keep Fort Pillow Historic State Park open, then meet with others this Saturday 2/5/2000 in the Fort Pillow Museum at 2:00pm.

------------------ Wed Feb 2 21:06:35 2000 --------------------------

Rolf Koob sent the following: Comment

For further information on Fort Pillow call me at 635-0402 after 5pm

------------------ Tue Feb 8 20:46:02 2000 --------------------------

Teri sent the following: Comment

HOPE YOU LIKE THE NEW WEBPAGE LOOK! More to come in a few weeks. Feel free to comment on the new look. And websites by our Mac members are needed for the members showcase (cool link).

------------------ Thu Mar 2 19:50:33 2000 --------------------------

ARTS Council - Lauderdale sent the following: Comment

~~~ The Lauderdale County Council of Arts presents a FINE ARTS GALA Saturday, march 25, at 7:30PM at the Rolling Hills Country Club - Ripley. The entertainment for this annual fund raiser will be provided by Hudson-Saleeby of Memphis. Enjoy the evening with music, cocktail buffet as well as an auction. Tickets are available at local banks and the Chamber of Commerce. Call 635-9541

------------------ Wed Mar 8 20:18:07 2000 --------------------------

sent the following: Question

why is there a link to an xxx website on the macsupplies page?

------------------ Wed Mar 8 20:22:10 2000 --------------------------

sent the following: Question

not that i'm complaining or anything. heh.

------------------ Wed Mar 8 20:30:48 2000 --------------------------

sent the following: Question

hmmmm. there are also quite a few links to adult sites on the cool page which says these sites were developed by dcmug members! maybe dyersburg isn't as boring as i thought! were these sites developed by you, teri?

------------------ Sat Mar 11 19:49:05 2000 --------------------------

ANSWER sent the following: Reply

Nope, just templates. These are blank entries - just waiting for our dyer co. mac users to send us their favorite sites that they've created. We'll add our members sites as soon as we receive the name and addresses.

------------------ Sun Mar 12 13:20:52 2000 --------------------------

sent the following: Question

go to the 'cool' page and try clicking on one if you don't believe me. they link to adult sites.

------------------ Sun Mar 12 19:05:51 2000 --------------------------

Reply sent the following: Comment

Thank you for your concern. The letters were purely random letters, I can see a couple of them actually did lead somewhere, but that was purely unintentional. They were merely blank text boxes with supposedly blank links. The fact that some of them were actual addresses was purely unintentional. The placeholder boxes have been replaced with 'empty'. Due to the security updates at ECS it took a few days to have access to the pages to change them.

------------------ Mon Mar 27 12:45:26 2000 -------------------------- sent the following: Suggestion

DATE: April 8-9 EVENT: Civil War Living History LOCATION: Fort Pillow State Park DESCRIPTION: Authentic camp life and living conditions, firing of cannons and muskets and military drills. There will be a skirmish at 3 pm Saturday and a tactical battle at 2pm on Sunday. Visitors may follow along. Visitors attend the church service at 10 am on Sunday. Sutlers will be selling their wares. Food and refreshments available, and the Park Gift Shop will be open in the Interpretive Center/Museum. ADMISSION IS FREE! Come and enjoy the fun. CONTACT: 901-738-5581 or 901-635-0402 for more information.

------------------ Mon Apr 10 21:14:48 2000 --------------------------

dakota sent the following: Question

Hey Mac users of the world. I have a pc at home but for my Professional work in video I use a Mac g3. Where on the Internet can I get more Software for my video work? Nobody sells anything around here.

------------------ Fri Apr 21 00:19:30 2000 --------------------------

teri sent the following: Reply

Welcome Dakota, Well, for my graphics work on my G4, I usually use the online mac suppliers, or their catalogs. try clicking on the MAC button on the left column. This will list several mac catalog links with supplies. Do you know what programs you want? if not, I can probably find you a couple of video news groups to check out.

------------------ Tue Apr 25 22:57:43 2000 --------------------------

Raven sent the following: Question

How many mac users would you guess there to be in Dyer County?

------------------ Wed Apr 26 03:18:03 2000 --------------------------

sent the following: Reply

Probably more than anyone would think.

------------------ Thu Apr 27 03:40:12 2000 --------------------------

Raven sent the following: Question

Why isn't there a local mac resaleler or service center? Does anyone think this would be a good idea?

------------------ Thu Apr 27 10:34:42 2000 --------------------------

sent the following: Reply

I think it would be a good idea. Maybe if there were such a business more people could be persuaded to buy a mac since they could actually come see and try one. I've noticed that this board gets very few posts and usually a long time inbetween them. Maybe there aren't that many mac users here after all.

------------------ Thu Apr 27 23:25:04 2000 --------------------------

Raven sent the following: Question

Unforanatly this web site is not cutting edge. And many people like myself can plainly see that this site is a relic. I mean even the links page doesn't have the 3 main pages for all true mac geeks. Don't get me wrong, this site does give us DCMUs' a place to contact one another. In your opinion what is the best app for the mac and why?

------------------ Fri Apr 28 04:56:14 2000 --------------------------

Hide sent the following: Reply

The best app for the mac and why? That's very difficult to answer. It depends on what you want to use your computer for. Are you a programmer, artist, gamer? I'm into programming and I've used Hypercard and REALbasic although I'm far from an expert and most of my programming experience is with windows. I haven't really taken the time to write anything useful for macintosh but I plan to.

------------------ Mon May 15 01:22:41 2000 --------------------------

sent the following: Comment

If there are any mac users in dyer county they sure don't come to this board.

------------------ Mon May 15 19:50:07 2000 --------------------------

sent the following: Reply

Sure we do, and suggestions are always welcomed, link suggestions too. Most all artists and designers I know here, use macs, like the local papers ad depts, and the jackson sun, and world color press, and Imagician graphics,and Arthaven Studios, and Tenn. industrial printing, and lots and lots of teachers in the area. We're just usually busy out making a living with our Macs :-)

------------------ Mon May 29 09:19:19 2000 --------------------------

razor sent the following: Comment

Why should people continue to support a company that doen't support its users? Every time Apple releases a new os/software/hardware/whatever everything that proceeded it is suddenly no longer compatible. And Apple's response? Too bad. Buy a new computer. I personaly believe they do this on purpose in order to sell their hardware. I think at this point I'm going to move on from Macintosh. I have an iMac and a Quadra that I'm sure I can put to good use running Linux or BSD. I'm also going to stop recommending Macintosh to other people and tell them to go with something else. Macintosh must be the most un-backwards compatible OS of all time! And I bet there are many other people out there who feel the same way I do.

------------------ Fri Jun 2 17:04:33 2000 --------------------------

dbrown sent the following: Comment

Want to run Win95 on an old PC - say a 286 or 386? You'd be out of luck there too. And even if you could, there'd be little point. The hardware didn't support Plug-n-Play, hard drives over about 500 Mb, Y2k, over 256 colors, PCI, USB, 32 bit instructions, memory over about 8 Mb or faster than about 80 ns, TCP/IP, booting from CD... on and on. Many nice things that the new OS does for you would be lost without new hardware - may as well stick to the old OS. And if you've got new hardware, why does the OS need to support the old garbage that is no longer needed? Who really needs support for NuBus, MFM and RLL Drives, 80 column monitors, 8" or 5 1/4" floppy drives? You can't even buy those things easily anymore. Sure, support could be written in, but doing so makes the OS larger, slower, more complicated and less stable. Doing so means you have to carry more info in the chips too - making them larger, more power hungry and hotter.

------------------ Sat Jun 3 12:47:38 2000 --------------------------

razor sent the following: Comment

There are versions of linux that will run on those old machines.

------------------ Sat Jun 3 13:01:04 2000 --------------------------

razor sent the following: Comment

Also, your talking about hardware that isn't even made anymore. Apple has software that will not run on a G3, which are still being made (some of their stuff requires a G4). And if you want to argue about windows (even though I don't care for windows), even the old pentium chips will still run windows 98 pretty good. Lets see OS9 run on the older power pc chip.

------------------ Sat Jun 3 13:12:29 2000 --------------------------

razor sent the following: Comment

And apple/mac users are about to be given the shaft again. OS X will be realeased soon and I have a feeling that all of apple's time and energy will be focused on that platform from now on. Another big 'too bad' for a user of any other mac system.

------------------ Thu Jun 8 00:51:09 2000 --------------------------

Chucky sent the following: Comment

So I guess Apple should do like Microsoft and continue to build on an out dated os. All this backwards compatible stuff is a bunch of crap! Why doesn't your stereo still play 8 tracks! DUH! I still run a LCII with system 7.5.5 Works great for email, basic web surfing, some fum old games, word prossing, ect. I also run a 6400/200 with a G3 upgrade system 8.6 frankly I don't even give a damn about os9 or osX there not going to make my internet commection any faster or make me type any better. For the average user thats about all that matters anyway. If you need support for your older Macs then check out Low End Macs you'll find software archives, very active mailing list that are specific to your machine, and a wealth of info to keep your older Macs going for years to come. And when we do get ready for a new Mac thank goodness it won't be bogged down by a bloted old operating system.

------------------ Thu Jun 8 00:57:51 2000 --------------------------

Chucky sent the following: Suggestion

The Low End Mac URL

------------------ Thu Jun 8 09:31:41 2000 --------------------------

Raven sent the following: Comment

I have to say it. Why in the world would Razor want to hold on to an old Mac. I Now have a iMac DV as a matter of fact my whole family has been completely weened off of PC. In total my family has 2@ 6320 Performa 2@333Mhz iMac 1@ 450Mhz G4 2@ iMac DV and an 233Mhz iMac. I myself grew up with an apple computer so I may be a little bias. Macs are the best computers I have ever ran into. Everytime I hear someone talking about their "great PC computer" it because they are talking about how they crash all the time. I will always be a mac-a-holic I could go on and on about why macs are so good and why I will never hesatate to up-date my system and wouldn't mind paying a fair price. My time is money and a faster computer means I save money there for it is worth the price to keep up to date with the lastest tech. Like I said I love macs. sorry if I ramble on but these comments of mine are heard around the world from all the informed Mac user.

------------------ Thu Jun 8 12:34:10 2000 --------------------------

razor sent the following: Comment

Blah, blah, blah. It's all rhetoric.

------------------ Fri Jun 9 00:01:46 2000 --------------------------

Raven sent the following: Question

Sorry Razor if you took that the wrong way. No hard feelings? I was simply expressing my thoughts on the subject. BTW is their not an update card for your model. And did you find anything out at low end mac?

------------------ Fri Jun 9 03:44:45 2000 --------------------------

razor sent the following: Comment

Actually that comment was meant to include my own previous posts as well so don't take it personally. It doesn't make any difference how much we evangelize or criticize something. It's just rhetorical. The company (Doesnt matter which one. They're all the same.) is always going to do what the company wants. I don't really think it matters what the customer thinks. Personally, I beleive the future of software/hardware lies in the open source movement which isn't controlled by some big corporate machine. I think I'm going to think different and head in that direction.

------------------ Mon Jun 12 14:43:22 2000 --------------------------

Teri sent the following: Suggestion

I too am on my fourth mac, and loved each one for what they were when they were released. All computer companies have to update constantly, or the company simply won't last. Don't forget we have a "links" page. It includes many resources for older macs as well as new macs. And macs still have a lot of freeware and shareware out there, many of which run quite well even on older macs. And the 'downloads' page has the link that's constantly updated with the newest stuff for the new macs. If anyone has a link suggestion, by all means share it with us, we're always looking for good resources. -Teri

------------------ Fri Aug 4 08:37:51 2000 --------------------------

Bill Ulrich sent the following: Question

Where can I get a utility to rename my Laserwriter, and change its settings. Thanks

------------------ Wed Sep 27 19:36:11 2000 --------------------------

not a mac user sent the following: Comment

looks like this board has retired

------------------ Mon Oct 23 11:42:38 2000 --------------------------

sent the following: Comment

I think you're right.

------------------ Sat Dec 2 20:52:22 2000 --------------------------

Ken sent the following: Question

Does anyone ever visit this board? If so, can someone help me find a way to burn audio CD's from MP3 files on my Mac. What hardware/software would I need? I'm starting with my mac and about 12 hours of downloaded MP3 tunes.....Help...

------------------ Thu Dec 7 05:21:40 2000 --------------------------

Researcher sent the following: Reply

If you want to listen to those CDs in any cd player you're going to need a decoder (software that converts mp3s to wav or aiff): This may be included depending on the cd burner you buy. CD recordable FAQ: There are lots of pages out there about cd burners. Heres a mac specific one:

------------------ Fri Dec 8 08:07:10 2000 --------------------------

Researcher sent the following: Reply

AdaptecToast 4 supports the direct conversion from mp3 to audio cd.

------------------ Fri Dec 15 11:33:10 2000 --------------------------

Ken sent the following: Question

Researcher, thanks. I've ordered a Yamaha cd-rw drive which comes with Toast bundled. I'm hoping for good results. Thanks again.