MacUsers Chalk Board - 1999

------------------ Tue Jan 19 10:21:54 1999 --------------------------

Sammy sent the following: Question

Does no one visit this site any longer? Are we all dead? Has Devil Bill won?

------------------ Thu Jan 21 14:36:50 1999 --------------------------

Meeting&location? sent the following: Question

Need to talk to other mac users!!!!!

------------------ Thu Jan 21 14:37:51 1999 -------------------------- sent the following: Question

Need to talk to other mac users!!!!!

------------------ Tue Feb 2 10:52:44 1999 --------------------------

Sammy sent the following: Comment

I is a Mac User. Talk to me. Have you talked to Hal? PC users have talked to Hal. They saw Hal at the SuperBowl. PC owners with sense (isn't that an oxymoron?) can visit Hal on the Apple web site. Do you think they can find the Apple web site? I don't. Can you find the Apple web site? Sure you can. Can you find the PC web site? I don't think so. Don't believe me? Then type and see where you go. Now type and see what happens. No wonder PC users stay so frustrated. Bye now.

------------------ Tue Feb 9 17:29:15 1999 --------------------------

SmokeyUT sent the following: Question

I have a G3/OS, and I love it. I am trying to see if I can connect to my internet service from by OS side? I use virtual PC to shift from Mac to PC side. Does anyone have a Power Mac G3/OS that can help me?......Thanks p.s. I still need the help even if you don't like the color Orange.

------------------ Wed Feb 10 01:08:13 1999 --------------------------

Chucky sent the following: Comment

Hey Y'all whats up I've been busy exploring Mac OS 8.5 and I love it talk about a nice system upgrade. If you don't have it yet get it it's worth the money if your system will support it.I've also been busy helping several friends set up their IMACS these are the neatest little speed demons i've ever seen! And now they come in lots of great colors. I spent an hour and a half watching Steve Jobs keynote address at MACWORLD on REALPLAYER when I started I thought I'd never last that long but at the end I was still there saying WOW!!! Apple is rocking at full speed again and the future looks ever brighter! And yes even Microsoft was there pushin their new mac software check out their new Mac site @ If you want to keep up with everything Mac daily check out The Macsurfer site @ We'll be cranking up the Mac User meetings this month so be looking here and in your email for a notice about the time and place. Hope to see you there!

------------------ Mon Feb 15 02:07:46 1999 --------------------------

Jerry sent the following: Comment

Do you Have to Continue to display the questions from a Year Ago or so? Especialy if ther is no comment about it? it is a turn of and infers you guy's dont realy do much with your club...? But I did enjoy some other statments especialy recent events ie"Superbowl" ect. I'm Serfin in from "Hamilton Alabama" Also you need to update your Data At Apple's info Search for Mac Clubs/Organizations

------------------ Mon Feb 15 20:50:08 1999 --------------------------

Sammy sent the following: Reply

Geez! Y'all know how to spel in 'Bama? We know you can't play football worth a damn.

------------------ Mon Mar 8 05:02:20 1999 --------------------------

New Mac User sent the following: Question

What exactly takes place at DCMUG meetings?

------------------ Wed Mar 17 16:13:13 1999 --------------------------

new mac user sent the following: Comment

well i've waited a week for a reply and i'll take that to mean nothing happens at dcmug meetings so i won't bother coming to one.

------------------ Wed Mar 17 23:57:59 1999 --------------------------

Chucky sent the following: Reply

Sorry new Mac user My plates been full lately and this is the first time i've had a chance to check in. Well some times nothing goes on at a DCMUG meeting and then other times alot of things go on! The main purpose of the user group is to get together with other Mac users and takl about our macs problems were having, things we've found,whats new coming from Apple and sometimes just general conversation. The group is very informal and laid back but you'll find people there that are more than willing to help out another mac user and believe me there are some times we all need help ! Our group is small we can be as litle as one person attending or as many as 15 so come on out and check it out it's always nice to talk to another mac user they always have information that the next user never thought of.

------------------ Tue Apr 6 01:01:51 1999 --------------------------

L.J. Goldring sent the following: Question

Whenever my Netscape Browser is active, I lose my clock on the Main Menu Bar. Netscape support didn't offer any solutions for Netscape 3 or 4.5.. Before Mac sys.7.5 you could keep your clock visible at all times and drag it to any part of your screen. But not now. Would appreciate any solutions. Thanks. L.J. Goldring <>

------------------ Fri Apr 16 16:06:28 1999 --------------------------

RMC sent the following: Question

I recently had a crash of my operating system. I think it came after I used the Jan 99 Mac Addict demo CD. I've reinstalled but I get a "Java cannot be initialized because java_30 is not properly installed" message whenever I startup Netscape Nav 3. Any suggestions out there. Also, I purchased an Apple TV/AM/FM radio card. Once it was installed I got an "Apple FM/AM radio not installed" message. It is, but no dice. Has anyone run into that one. I'd appreciate any help. RMC

------------------ Sun Apr 18 14:44:59 1999 --------------------------

PC User sent the following: Question

What makes a Mac so great? It seems like they are slower and have less features than the PC's out there, so what REALLY makes a Mac better? If someone out there could give me a reasonable argument without all the riff raff, I'd apprecate it.

------------------ Fri Apr 23 15:24:58 1999 --------------------------

Mac User sent the following: Reply

I have a pc running windows 95 and i also have an imac. I don't know what gave you the idea that macintosh is slower because my imac blows my pc away. windows does come with more disk and system maintenance features.

------------------ Fri Apr 23 15:28:57 1999 --------------------------

Mac User sent the following: Comment

and just in case your wondering i dont think one is any better or worse than the other. They both have their pluses and minuses.

------------------ Sat Apr 24 22:31:43 1999 --------------------------

Zubrovka sent the following: Question

I will take any PC on and run circles around it! Got photoshop? There's a good way to see who's the fastest. Do the same set of operations in photoshop! My 9600 with a G3 card will eat your Intel for breakfast as a piece of toast! About the only thing a pc is fast at, is breaking down. This has been proven so many times that I think it's ignorant to even suggest that a PC is faster!

------------------ Mon May 3 17:30:42 1999 --------------------------

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme sent the following: Question

windows = will install needless data on whole system

------------------ Fri Sep 3 10:18:38 1999 --------------------------

sent the following: Question

you people need to get a life and acting like a bunch of kids

------------------ Fri Sep 17 14:45:46 1999 --------------------------

COMPUTER FOR SALE sent the following: Question

I have a computer with sound card 56k modem cd rom ect with and a large roll top computer desk all for 800.00. If intersted please call 627-2668

------------------ Fri Oct 15 05:39:10 1999 --------------------------

Bullet sent the following: Comment

This chalkboard is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!

------------------ Mon Oct 18 18:00:37 1999 --------------------------

Paul sent the following: Question

Then why are you reading it? Someone twisting you're arm?

------------------ Tue Oct 19 17:20:44 1999 --------------------------

Bullet sent the following: Reply

Hey Paul, Kiss my GRITS!!!!!!!!!!!

------------------ Wed Oct 20 07:49:10 1999 --------------------------

Paul sent the following: Reply

I don't like grits,,,,,,they're nasty !! : ~^ ))

------------------ Wed Oct 20 07:54:59 1999 --------------------------

sent the following: Question

There would probably be more people to use Macs if there was an Authorized Apple dealership here in town.....

------------------ Wed Oct 20 17:51:53 1999 --------------------------

Sammy sent the following: Comment

I have used Macs since the mid 80s. I was always told they are much more user friendly and as a Mac user I actually believed that without hesitation. Now I am being forced, due to employment, to use a Windoz 98 and I belief in Macs has only been improved. I would encourage all Mac users to find a Windoz machine and try and locate a file that a Mac will save as Sat. Yard Sale and the Windoz will save as "anybody's guess". Tonight I plan to leave the office window open hoping someone will steal this thing so I can get back to a real computer. :

------------------ Sun Oct 24 19:25:13 1999 --------------------------

CHUCKY sent the following: Comment

You said it Sammy! As Time Mag. said when it reviewed Windoze 98 and I quote "It's almost a Mac"!

------------------ Thu Oct 28 20:56:28 1999 --------------------------

Sammy sent the following: Comment

I must have been a good boy today. My boss called and said if I just had to have a Mac I could pick up an iMac from another office. That was good, but I almost lost my job when I called him at 3 a.m. and told him I was in town and wanted my iMac. :) I offered to give my pc to another company manager, but they all laughed and it is now in storage. But you know, I really miss those big speakers. (Yeah, right!)

------------------ Tue Nov 2 00:10:00 1999 --------------------------

tidy sent the following: Question

Whats happing

------------------ Tue Nov 2 00:12:12 1999 --------------------------

tidy sent the following: Question

Whats happened to the management at the Dyersburg Wal-Mart?

------------------ Mon Dec 6 20:09:54 1999 --------------------------

Jerry sent the following: Question

Who reads this stuff?

------------------ Fri Dec 10 07:39:32 1999 --------------------------

Duh ! sent the following: Reply

People like you Jerry! If you don't read this stuff,then what are you doing here?