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Or does it?

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L.J. Goldring sent the following: Question

Wed. Jan 07. 1998 I'm wondering if anyone in your group has tried any of the "Soft Windows" software on a Mac Power PC or Mac Performa 550. If so, what was your opinion of the Windows 95 emulation. Is it worth spending $200.00 to be able to run some Windows programs? You can reply on the Chalboard and I can also be reached at Thanks for any input. LJG

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L.J. Goldring sent the following: Question

Wed. Jan 07. 1998 Posting to ECIS Chalkboard I'm wondering if anyone in your group has tried any of the "Soft Windows" software on a Mac Power PC or Mac Performa 550. If so, what was your opinion of the Windows 95 emulation. Is it worth spending $200.00 to be able to run some Windows programs? You can reply on the Chalkboard and I can also be reached at Thanks for any input. LJG

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QD sent the following: Reply

Well, I haven't tried it myself, but have heard it works pretty well. It's supposedly pretty slow because it's "emulated" hardware (ie - the 80x86 processor required for Windows must be mimicked via software in the Mac's PowerPC 60x or 68040 processors). If you plan on playing games, you may be disappointed since games rely heavily on hardware. You'd be better of getting a card with a real Pentium or 80486 processor on it (which is getting close in price to a low end PC system). If you just plan to run "general" software that doesn't require any fancy hardware tricks, you'll be fine. I've also heard that VirtualPC by Connectix is fanyastic, as well....and costs only about100 bucks.

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Ken sent the following: Comment

I don't have anything to offer, Sammy, particularly since I haven't made the OS8 leap yet. I wanted to comment on the really LOW price of memory these days. I don't know if any of you have noticed, but prices for SIMMs and DIMMs have halved in the last six weeks or so. Must have something to do with the miserable economy in SE Asia. Now is definitely the time to buy memory. Even the catalogs sometimes don't reflect the new low prices.

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Chucky sent the following: Comment

Thats for sure on the memory prices I just got a 64 meg.168 pin dimm for 148.00 and free shiping and have seen even cheaper prices since then, If you need memory nows the time.Its great to be able to give your apps. maximum memory and watch how fast they load and run! We missed everyone who didn't make it to the last meeting Jeff did a presentation on OS8 and it was great can't wait to load that one on.He also spent time showing us some really neat tricks in Claris Works. Claudia and I tried to suck his brain dry but as usual we found out that it was impossible. Hope y'all can make the next one if you weren't there you were MISSED!

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Dorothy sent the following: Comment

Oops! I must have missed the announcement of said meeting. I thought I was more observant than that, but___. maybe next time. Sorry to have missed all that good info and seeing the crowd .

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Ken sent the following: Comment

I'm wif' you Dorothy. Memory impaired folks like me need a reminder. Sorry I missed out.

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QD sent the following: Reply

Sammy, the problem is a bug in OS8 (that should be cured in OS8.1). The reason it goes away with extensions off is the General Controls control panel is disabled the "bugged" file. Go to it and turn System and Application folder protection off. That should cure the problem.

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QD sent the following: Comment

Hiya folks! Sorry I missed the last meeting. Just not enough hours in a day, you know. I image Jeff's presentation on OS 8 was spectacular. Let me tell you, I've been running it for a couple of moths now and find myself a bit disgusted when I sit down at a Mac with System 7. It's fantastic! I hope the note above didn't discourage anyone from upgrading. The only really major problems I have heard about OS8 is that and some machines having a flashing question mark at startup. I beleive the Performa 6400 and a couple of PowerMac models. It's not a hassle to fix, but it sure will give someone a scare if you don't know what it is. It is well worth the upgrade, let me tell you. I havn't, however, upgraded to 8.1, which fixes the above items. It is a pretty large download, so I just haven't taken the time to do it. It's free to download, but at about 15MB (I think that's the size of it), it's time consuming. I'm considering forking over the 10 or so bucks to buy the CD. Later all!

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Dorothy sent the following: Unknown

Here's hoping someone can advise me on my latest problem:In Netscape Mail I have received one- just one- message that REFUSES to be deleted. I keep getting the message mail file writing error . This is not a lengthy nor unusual kind of message. (In fact, it's from son no.1 at a gov't facility. Maybe that explains everything)! Thanks for any suggestions other than having him pull the message back from the other end. Already though of that !

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Sammy sent the following: Reply

Quad, thanks for the information. Your advice about turning off protection worked. However, OS 8.1 has not corrected that bug. In fact, I loaded 8.1 prior to my seeking help in hopes that it correct whatever was wrong. Anyway, turning off system and application protection BOTH seemed to have solved my problem. Again, Thanks.

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QD sent the following: Reply

Hmmm, odd. I was obviously misread or someone was misinformed. Thanks for telling me that. I'm glad that fixed your problem. See you all later!

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QD sent the following: Reply

Oops! I mistyped. too! That above was SUPPOSED to say "I obviously misread", meaning I didn't read something right, not someone else misread what I was saying. Sorry bout that. 24 hours later, I notice the "was" in there. Hope no one took that the wrong way........

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RMC sent the following: Question

New home user here. I need to add some memory. Apple says my chips need to be 70ns. I find a lot of adds the the DIMMs I need listed at 60ns. Is this a problem? Do I need to insist on 70ns? Also, for Level 2 memory: the manual says I have a socket for a 256k L2 module. I see modules advertized for 1meg. Is there a choice here or am I limited to 256k?

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QD sent the following: Reply

RMC, I would stick to what Apple says. I am not sure either what the difference is, but unless you know someone who has used the 60ns DIMMS in the same model Mac, then I'd stick to the recommended type. As for the cache memory, I cam find out for you, but I need to know what Mac model you have. I might also be able to give you a definate answer to the DIMM question, as well, but I need more info. Write me at

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Magic the Gathering Tournament sent the following: Unknown

Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone plays Magic the gathering? If so a friend and I are hosting a magic tournament on march 28. The entry fee is $0.00 notta zip like free.... it will be held at the dyer county ag center/ (used to be called county complex) Starting at 12:00 noon and going until we finish up the tourney. call 285-5213 for additional information and to register your deck. You may Email me directly if you want as well... aka Tony Callis<when i gotta be:)>

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Chucky sent the following: Question

Hi y'all, just thought I'd check in and remind everyone that our regular meeting will be Tuesday nite at 7:00 at the 1st Citizens Annex I've had several people ask me lately about graphics and art programs both of which I know nothing about so if any of you hve any input I'd really like your help so bring your self to the meeting and share!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!It would be a great help . Hope to see you all there and if you know any other Mac users invite them to cone along. SEE YA THERE!!!!!

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Cecilia Price sent the following: Question

Someone wrote me the following question: How do you save an image you have seen online with a Mac. He said that right clicking didn't work. Could someone please write me?

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Nancy sent the following: Question

Hi, I am a new user of Ecsis and did not know this was available. I am a Mac user on a performa 638CD. I figure you guys have a mac support group around and heavens knows I could use some support. I am not a computer person. I know how to use the programs I normally run, but right now I am having lots of freezes and crashes and don't know what to do. Any imput would be appreciated. My email is sunrays@ Thanks

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Ron Bizzle sent the following: Question

this old PCer needs a little help from you macers what is a good text editor for a mac that eill handle pretty large files multi meg files? running a G-3 PPC at work and need a good twxt editor for it9meg HD and 160 meg s of RAM , so machine speed and resources shouldn't be a problem. rhanks for the help guess I could always just get Word for the Mac and be done with it but I thought maybe somebody knew of a cute little native Macy thingy instead of having to rely on that house of the demon "Microsoft to fill the gap. :)

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Sammy sent the following: Reply

Cecilia Price, Dragging an image you see on the net is simple. Point the arrow and drag to the desktop. Do it all in one easy motion.You will an program, such as GIF Converter to open what you save, or even MacLink will do the trick.

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Chucky sent the following: Suggestion

Hey Ron try Claris Works its got about the best Mac native text editor plus all the other programs like paint, draw, spreadsheet,ect. You can check it out at Also the new Microsoft office for Mac is suppose to be killer even though it does come from the dark side! Any way check out Claris.

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QS sent the following: Reply

Dittos, Chucky. ClarisWorks is probably the most taken-for-granted program the MAc has. Out of the dozens and dozens of prgrams I have, it is the ONLY app that has NEVER crashed. And it so simple to use. The only other text editor I use is SimpleText to view small files quickly.

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Tim Brown sent the following: Suggestion

Dyer County Macintosh User Group, This message is to inform you about a new and innovative service for Macintosh computer users. BackJack <> is an internet-based backup solution that avoids all the pitfalls and problems encountered with conventional backup methods. At BackJack, we invite you to see how our service works by signing on to our 15 day, no obligation, trial period. We also invite you to demonstrate this service to your members at one of your upcoming meetings. BackJack is ideal for individuals, small businesses, home offices, powerbook users, and now iMac users. BackJack offers its subscribers immediate off-site storage, automated backup, recovery, and archiving, and worldwide access to their important data with no additional hardware or software purchases. Don t miss out on this opportunity to learn about an alternative way to do backups. Visit our website at or call our toll free hotline at 1-888-421-0220 for further information about this new and exciting service.

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Chusky sent the following: Comment

Hi everyone there will be a macusers meeting Tuesdat Aug. 25 @ 7:00pm @ The 1st Citizens Annex so get up get out and lets talk about Macs!

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John Yarbro sent the following: Question

What gives with email? I keep getting smpt error when I try to send out, with a "too many connections, try again later" msg attached. Well at 8pm I could understand that , but it's still doing it at 1:30 am. grrrrrrr I have not touched or changed anything on my Eudora Pro settings, so I'm wondering WHATS THE PROBLEM?? Other things of greater note! Jana got to bring her iMac home Saturday. We ordered it from Opus 2 in Memphis and it came in Friday. It is one wild little machine, looks like something from Metropolis magazine. I showed Jana how to use my new system, but it had gotten to the point where I was telling her to keep her grubby lil hands off my Mac. Now she's got a speed demon of her own!

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Larry Smith sent the following: Reply

John and all... Although you probably know by now, the problem this weekend with email was our "problem". One of our mail servers (the primary one) went off-line due to a problem and I was in Kentucky, Mary was out due to a death in the family and Elaine was out of town... Fixed now and hopefully won't happen again ...

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Karl sent the following: Question

I have a 6500 powerpc,all factory. How can I speed up my internet interface. My modem is set at 56k but when I connect it says its running 26400k. If there is some one that can help me I would be a happy camper.... I love my MAC....

------------------ Mon Oct 26 18:07:38 1998 --------------------------

David Brown sent the following: Reply

Karl, As I understand it, there's two different 56k standards -- X2 and KFlex. ECS I think uses the X2 standard (confirm that with Larry Smith). Check your modem documentation so see which type your modem is trying to use. It may be that your modem is incapable of talking to ECS modems at that speed.

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?????????????????????????????? sent the following: Question

7*7*7*7 need help on how to do them

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Mac Training sent the following: Comment

Wanted. Mac knowledgable person interested in teaching Mac skills to lady in her home. Call Lee Estes @ 615-269-9793

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Shelia Lynn sent the following: Question

I am looking for a card game called: Mille Bornes (The French auto race card game). If anyone knows where I can get a deck of these cards, please contact me: Thanks!!

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Sammy sent the following: Comment

ECS does not have 56k modem connection. About the best you can expect, without additional connection cost for T1, etc. is about 33k...regardless of your modem speed. Sorry bout dat!

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Susan sent the following: Question

I realized today that the ink cartridge that I purchased for my printer is the wrong one. If you can use a black ink cartridge for Stylewrite II, portable stylewriter, stylewriter 1200, or color stylewriter 1500, please email me at