Cooks Corner Chalk Board - 2002

------------------ Tue Jan 29 19:44:32 2002 --------------------------

White Gravy Recipe submitted: Appetizers Recipe

I am looking for a simple "White Gravy Recipe". Would it be eaiser to look for a premade powder mix (if so please recommend one) in the store or make from scratch?

------------------ Tue Jan 29 21:04:48 2002 --------------------------

Steve submitted: Miscellaneous Question

I am looking for a recipe for white gravy.

------------------ Mon Feb 25 15:33:36 2002 --------------------------

Sydney D. Pommier submitted: Main Course Question

I am looking for a recipe called Chicken Croissant Sandwiches. I know what it takes to make them, however, I don't know how much of each ingredient is required. If anyone can be of help, much gratitude is given.

------------------ Tue Feb 26 11:53:55 2002 --------------------------

Pat Kilzer submitted: Miscellaneous Question

When I was a child my mother would make tea biscuits. Does anyone have a recipe for them?

------------------ Wed Feb 27 15:10:47 2002 --------------------------

Mary submitted: Finger foods Comment

I found the following recipe for tea biscuits - Hope it is the right one - Mary 1 1/2 cups flour 1/2 cup water 2 tablespoons shortening, melted 1 egg, beaten 1 tablespoon sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons baking powder Mix together flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Add well beaten egg and melted shortening to water. Mix slowly with the dry ingredients. This will make a soft dough. Roll out on floured pastry board, until sheet is 1/2 inch thick. Cut with biscuit cutter. Bake on greased sheets for 25 minutes in moderate oven.

------------------ Wed Feb 27 15:20:28 2002 --------------------------

Mary submitted: Main Course Comment

I found soooo many recipes for Chicken Croissant Sandwiches that I don't know which one to put up here. If you could post a list of the ingredients perhaps I could find the one you are looking for. Mary

------------------ Mon Mar 4 08:32:50 2002 --------------------------

shirley submitted: Main Course Question

Help! Thirty years ago when I lived in Dyersburg someone gave me a recipe for "pork savory" and I lost it. It was cubed, lean, pork roast, sauteed with onion and then simmered in a sweet and sour type gravy, that was made up of ingredients that I can't recall. I believe it contained vinegar, brown sugar, flour or cornstarch, possibly tomato paste or tomato sauce,mushrooms, maybe sour cream, and that's as far as I get. Can't recall seasonings. It is served over rice. My daughter can't forget how good it was and begs me to make it again. Anyone with old, local cookbooks from churches or local organizations might find it. E-mail

------------------ Mon Jul 1 23:46:10 2002 --------------------------

Lauren submitted: Dessert, snacks Question

Hi there. If anyone has a good fried doughnut recipe, please send an e-mail to: Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lauren

------------------ Mon Jul 29 17:28:24 2002 --------------------------

Mary submitted: Dessert, snacks Comment

Lauren, Try this link for a fried donut recipe. I think you will like it. Mary

------------------ Wed Aug 7 06:20:30 2002 --------------------------

lily submitted: Dessert, snacks Recipe

8oz of butter 1kg of flour 1 cup of milk 4oz of suger mix together roll with rolling pin cut shapes leave in oven for 15/20 mins

------------------ Mon Sep 9 20:22:50 2002 --------------------------

Gillian submitted: Dessert, snacks Question

hi - does anyone have a good recipe for cheese and bacon turnovers bearing in mind i am cooking at altitude. Please email me at Thanx very much G

------------------ Fri Oct 11 21:40:58 2002 --------------------------

lost in utah.... submitted: Miscellaneous Recipe

i'm looking for a reciept

------------------ Fri Oct 11 21:42:11 2002 --------------------------

lost in utah.... submitted: Miscellaneous Recipe

i'm looking for a reciept for pumpkinbutter. & for asphalt pie.

------------------ Sun Nov 24 16:47:49 2002 --------------------------

Sandra submitted: Dessert, snacks Question

Am looking for a funnel cake recipe. Also looking for a quick and easy recipe for fried homemade pies like Flippin's make. Email me: thanks