Ecsis "CyberJump" - 1998
for the serious surfer...

------------ Thu Jan 29 13:01:12 1998 ----------------

MURRAY FAMILY submitted: Murray Homepage The Murray family share about themselves, their ministry to children and their puppet Boogie Bunny, etc. Check it out!

------------ Wed Apr 29 18:52:03 1998 ----------------

john clark submitted: Traveling Beyond The Body Traveling Beyond The Body

------------ Sun May 31 20:32:40 1998 ----------------

sandman submitted: LIVE police& fire broadcasts Using RealAudio you can listen to LAPD,NYPD & Dallas police radios. Site also contains their codes, Which you can right click on and E-mail to yourself and then print out

------------ Thu Jun 4 14:37:56 1998 ----------------

Jan submitted: Virtual Sites This site has lots of links to stuff that will amuse or interest almost anyone.

------------ Sun Jun 28 19:25:13 1998 ----------------

Raisa Eire submitted: TigerEye Graphics If you need custom made graphics or original artwork for your site this is THE place to go. Fantasy drawings...graphic enhancements...Website design made just for you. Come visit with Tiger!

------------ Tue Aug 4 07:23:27 1998 ----------------

I submitted: info about TN

------------ Tue Aug 4 07:33:20 1998 ----------------

ALSO submitted: same kind of stuff but better

------------ Tue Aug 4 11:42:13 1998 ----------------

Elaine submitted: MEC Designs Here is the place to go for you Web Design needs.

------------ Thu Aug 6 15:09:23 1998 ----------------

Elaine submitted: Dyer County Chat This is a test and only a test .... Check it out

------------ Wed Aug 26 21:47:31 1998 ----------------

surfer dude submitted: exit 144 take this exit for some of the most facinating artwork on this streach of highway

------------ Tue Oct 20 10:02:47 1998 ----------------

Jan submitted: ECS Halloween Site Check out our Halloween site.

------------ Fri Oct 23 20:28:17 1998 ----------------

Vols Fan submitted: Ohio State Homepage Check out the voting polls for the number 1 team in the nation!

------------ Sat Nov 21 08:34:04 1998 ----------------

Cellguy submitted: Cellular Plus Check out our NEW DOMAIN!, we have everything available in cellular, even cool graphics, games, personal pages of our employees, a guestbook we'd love for you to sign, pictures of our phones, just a great site that is updated daily!