Ecsis "CyberJump" - 1997
for the serious surfer...

------------ Wed Jan 1 00:35:50 1997 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Little Miss Maigan Maigan was born with a very bad heart condition....she is 13th baby to be born with it, but the ONLY one that has survived it! This is Maigan's story, and her pages are filled with Angels! Lovely angels, poetry and lots of links for Medical assistance, and other items of interest. Visit Little Miss Maigan's site and take along a box of klenex with you!

------------ Fri Jan 3 14:01:12 1997 ----------------

USMARINE submitted: TechnoRealm I just created this web site. It took me two days to make. You must have the Crescendo plug-in, and Real Audio 2.0 or better for the full effect. The page may take some time to download but it is worth seeing,(If you like Techno:)

------------ Fri Jan 17 17:18:58 1997 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Elvis Presley's Graceland The official authorized website of Elvis Presley and Graceland. Pictures, etc!

------------ Sat Jan 18 09:21:35 1997 ----------------

Kathy Quaife submitted: Mirabilis ICQ Homepage This is a free program allowing internet chat. You can connect with anyone that is online and has this program installed. It runs in the background allowing you to still surf and then be made aware when a person you have entered in your address book comes on line. Its a great way to keep in touch with family and friends over the net.Check it out!!

------------ Mon Jan 20 16:42:51 1997 ----------------

John Jenkins submitted: Jurassic Park II -The Lost World I discovered this the other day putting together a page for a frameset, If you like Sci-Fi and have Shockwave this is pretty sharp and promises to get better.

------------ Mon Feb 3 19:55:42 1997 ----------------

Judy Poteet submitted: Tole Net Com This is a tole painters heaven. Instruction, patterns, all free, and at your command

------------ Mon Feb 3 19:58:38 1997 ----------------

Judy Poteet submitted: Jan Dresslers Stenciles The use of Stenciles is a new art form. This site shows the real art of stenciles.

------------ Sat Feb 8 13:08:02 1997 ----------------

John Braddy submitted: ZDNet Pick up this Cookie Master freeware and see how many "cookies" are stored on your computer...and eliminate any or all of them!

------------ Wed Feb 12 10:37:39 1997 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Golden Angel This Angel site contains some of my very Favorite Angel pictures, poems and links! Yeah, ANOTHER page designed by and owned by Sissi! :)

------------ Fri Mar 14 19:13:39 1997 ----------------

USMARINE submitted: Tornado 1997 Newbern, Tennessee Webpage This page gives you photos and information on the tornados that recently damaged parts of Newbern, Tennessee.

------------ Sun Mar 23 22:39:02 1997 ----------------

cool dog submitted: yo mama jokes Hillarious, so funny

------------ Wed Mar 26 20:47:24 1997 ----------------

John Jenkins submitted: New Perspectives on the West This is a site pertaining to an upcoming series on pbs about the American West, created by Ken Burns, the creator of the Civil War and Baseball series' on PBS. It will be sponsored by GM so the money's there to do it right. It's a good site and should be an excellent documentary.

------------ Tue Apr 8 22:09:41 1997 ----------------

Joan Watson submitted: Watson Family Chat Room We just added this chat room to our web page. It is family friendly. There may not be may people chatting but if you and a internet friend want to logon give them this URL "".

------------ Sat May 24 00:45:07 1997 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Family Pic Border Sets A very cool & unique idea! Your favorite pictures of grandkids, kids, pets, etc., designed as a One-of-a-kind web page border set!

------------ Sat May 31 00:55:16 1997 ----------------

Micah submitted: The Park It is a chat line and it is free. It is really fun because of all the different rooms and they up data them all the time to make more newer rooms!

------------ Sun Jun 8 00:16:36 1997 ----------------

Micah submitted: homepage of BRIAN It has all kinds of different sites! If you don't know a site e-mail him when you get to this page (e-mail address on homepage). It also has weather. So have fun at BRIAN'S HOMEPAGE!

------------ Fri Jul 4 06:01:42 1997 ----------------

T. Ketchum submitted: John Hewitt's Writer's Resource Center One of the three most useful reference sites I've found for writers. This is a no frills site with outstanding links to resources for and about writers.

------------ Fri Jul 4 06:09:38 1997 ----------------

T. Ketchum submitted: Shannon Turlington's Writer's Corner Another great writers resource page. A bit more glitz than John Hewiitts page, but it also had links to good references.

------------ Fri Jul 4 06:21:03 1997 ----------------

T. Ketchum submitted: Zuzu's Petals Resources for Poets and Writers Another of the most useful writers pages I've found. Although a few links will appear on more than one of the writers resource pages I've added to our "Cyber Jump" page, each represents much effort, and offers a wealth of info.

------------ Fri Jul 4 06:29:50 1997 ----------------

T. Ketchum submitted: Marcel Shareware Writing Tool There are several version of this unique tool available for downloading from this site. Once you become familiar with its special features, it is a great time-saver.

------------ Thu Jul 17 03:49:43 1997 ----------------

Larry Smith submitted: The Site Fights Step into the colosieum and cast your vote for the gladiator (WEB Site) you think is best for 1997.

------------ Sun Jul 20 18:32:21 1997 ----------------

T. Ketchum submitted: Tutorial~IE4.0 Techweb is starting a series of tutorials on IE4.0. This URL is the starting place.

------------ Mon Jul 21 06:33:31 1997 ----------------

Ron Bizzle submitted: Creative Good Good, sensable, simply written help and information about many aspects of the internet and surfing.

------------ Mon Aug 11 17:31:14 1997 ----------------

Raymond Fagan submitted: Fun Pages I just got my pages up and am adding new stuff all the time it has links to just about anything you could be interested in that is fun .

------------ Tue Sep 2 14:39:55 1997 ----------------

Larry Smith submitted: Don't spread that Hoax Latest information on Hoaxes and general Internet "scams" about email viruses and such...

------------ Mon Sep 8 22:35:37 1997 ----------------

Jeff Ownby submitted: ACDSee95 Download page Go here to download the fastest image viewer on the net.

------------ Wed Sep 10 00:07:52 1997 ----------------

Chucky Moody submitted: Macshare Imigan a cyberspace flea market, and you've got Todd Fraizier's amazing Mac-centric shareware page, a treasure chest for games,graphics,internet,and productivity tools,system enhancements,utlities,and tips. Check out this site before you go shoping for new software;more often than not you'll find that a $15 shareware program is all you need.

------------ Wed Sep 10 00:24:33 1997 ----------------

Chucky submitted: The Best Mac Web Sites All the best Mac web sites compiled by Macworld Magazine. A must for Mac users or anyone interested in whats new with Macs.Check this one out you'll be glad you did,all the web sites herehave been linked for easy access.

------------ Wed Sep 17 22:02:13 1997 ----------------

Kathy submitted: Raisa's Rumpus Room My first attempt at a website. Poetry, Role Playing information, art, music, and links to some of my favorite places to play. A fun site dedicated to the rose inside all of us. Come on by and let me know what you think.

------------ Tue Oct 21 22:43:13 1997 ----------------

Chucky Moody submitted: MacOS Mania If your a Mac user your gonna love this site. It has links to everything News,software,mags,zines,you name it and its there. It will keep you busy for days. So if your a mac addict like me or just need info about them this is the place to go.

------------ Tue Dec 2 17:50:34 1997 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Merry Christmas from Sissi, Malcolm _ Allan It_s about that time of year again, and I_ve recently re-worked__my Christmas site_ We hope you enjoy it_ :_

------------ Sun Dec 7 07:07:35 1997 ----------------

Brian Thomas Qualls submitted: The House that Qualls Built The House that Qualls Built is an interesting web site which includes things such as public chat rooms, links to other favorite sites, personal background information, and most anything you can think of. It also includes a few online games, which are currently being tested. Try it today__

------------ Sun Dec 21 13:31:10 1997 ----------------

Adam submitted: Adam's Ultimate Site CHECK THIS ONE OUT_