Ecsis "CyberJump" - 1996
for the serious surfer...

------------ Tue May 14 09:40:47 CST 1996 ----------------

Larry Smith submitted: ECSIS Netuser ChalkBoard This is a link back to our Netuser Chalkboard to show how the CyberJump Board works. Let others see what you found. Post it on the CyberJump board....

------------ Tue May 14 09:42:16 CST 1996 ----------------

Larry Smith submitted: ECS Want Ads Board This is a link back to the WantAds Board to show how the CyberJump Board works. Let others see what you found - post it here......

------------ Tue May 14 10:01:49 CST 1996 ----------------

Larry Smith submitted: FTP Documents directory on ECSIS The the full list of Available Newsgroups that we are capable of getting on our server is stored in this directory as mcinewsgroups. Be warned, the list is approximately 274 K in size....

------------ Tue May 14 10:24:32 CST 1996 ----------------

Larry Smith submitted: Local Netuser Newsgroup This is the ECSIS - Local Netuser Newsgroup. Not many of you visit very often so maybe it will help to have it listed here....

------------ Tue May 14 10:41:25 CST 1996 ----------------

Larry Smith submitted: ECSIS Local WANTADS Newsgroup This is a reference to our local WANTADS newsgroup....

------------ Tue May 14 10:49:03 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: ZD Net For the BEST in Computer Magazines as well as for ALL the games, desktop applications, and for anything else you may need, check this site out! I access this one more than any other site out there! The magazines are informative and full of cool links.

------------ Tue May 14 10:53:26 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: The Palace For those of you who like to Chat, you need to check this one out! It's a Chat Program with a unique twist! Virtual and Interactive.....check it out and decide for yourself if this is something you'd get a bang out of!

------------ Tue May 14 11:18:47 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Nerd World Media For all you fellow net junkies out there, check out the site that was created just for us! Full of great "nerdisms"! This one is #2 on my daily hit spots! Create your OWN page link to this one if you want to, and that will give you more coverage! Enjoy!

------------ Tue May 14 12:40:12 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Kid's Page Offers parental control programs such as Net-Nanny and Cyber Patrol, to assure you that your children don't access material you don't want them to see! Games, Painting, puzzles...More stuff than you could imagine! Warning! Addictive to adults, as well!

------------ Tue May 14 15:07:05 CST 1996 ----------------

Ron Bizzle submitted: HotWired This is a truly Cyber Magazine site. HotWired is an Online up to the minute Cyberspace News and Comment Magazine. Good Reading for the Cyber-interested.

------------ Tue May 14 17:17:10 CST 1996 ---------------- submitted: Tennessee 200 This is a Tennessee Bicentennial html

------------ Tue May 14 18:19:51 CST 1996 ----------------

Ken Alley submitted: Harald Gernhardt's Beatles Page imo the best Beatles site on the net

------------ Tue May 14 19:32:05 CST 1996 ----------------

Quad submitted: Rush/National Midnight Star home page For those Rush fans out there (if there are any others besides me), here is the place to get latest album info, tour dates, etc. Lots of trivia here, too.

------------ Wed May 15 03:11:10 CST 1996 ----------------

tketchum submitted: HOME OF WINDOWS 95 START PAGE Very deep content re: win95. Well chosen links to other Win95 sites

------------ Wed May 15 03:30:02 CST 1996 ----------------

tketchum submitted: Mike's Win 95 Toys Mike has chosen some of the most useful "toys" out there for Win 95

------------ Wed May 15 08:01:21 CST 1996 ----------------

Jan submitted: Newsday Newsday is Long Island, New York's leading newspaper. Having grown up on Long Island and "raised" by Newsday, I'm kinda proud of them. Check it out!!!

------------ Wed May 15 14:25:09 CST 1996 ----------------

tketchum submitted: Doonesbury Electronic Townhall For those who like their politics with a little "edge".

------------ Wed May 15 21:09:56 CST 1996 ----------------

Tommy Wilson submitted: Heart of Tenn home page This is middle Tennessee home page very nice!

------------ Wed May 15 22:54:16 CST 1996 ----------------

John Braddy submitted: The Far Side Cartoon Gallery Some great Far Side cartoons you can look at and download. Get your daily fix!

------------ Wed May 15 22:58:40 CST 1996 ----------------

John Braddy submitted: Gary Larson Cartoon of the Week Lots of places to go from this site to catch more FAR SIDE...

------------ Thu May 16 00:45:39 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Cyberville Radio NEW! The Net's only station broadcasting an award mixture of news & music! Download the TrueSpeech player, get into the station of your choice, then skip off to explore the Net all you want to while you listen! Whatever you do, don't miss this one! The TrueSpeech player alone is more than worth your time & effort!

------------ Thu May 16 07:06:25 CST 1996 ----------------

Robert submitted: Follow the NBA playoffs at this site. Get all the stats, stories, and some cool videos.

------------ Thu May 16 07:14:27 CST 1996 ----------------

Robert submitted: The Weather Channel has a really neat looking Five Day Forecast for Dyersburg. I'll let you decide about the accuracy - but it looks pretty.

------------ Thu May 16 10:32:39 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: NetManage WebSurfer This new WebBrowser is dynamite......has some of NetScapes capabilities, comes with plugins and is FREE, with no time-limit for usage. Download the Win95, NT, or Win 3.1 version today and see what it's all about! It is automatically configured.........just run the setup and take off into the great land of CyberSpace!

------------ Thu May 16 12:16:44 CST 1996 ----------------

John Yarbro submitted: P&H Cafe Not just another watering hole, P&H Cafe in Memphis is laid back............

------------ Thu May 16 12:35:42 CST 1996 ----------------

John Yarbro submitted: The WWW Virtual Library, Archive X, Paranormal Phenomena -really good spook stories-

------------ Fri May 17 15:42:44 CST 1996 ----------------

David Cooper submitted: Car & Motor Sport Web Site Listing Huge list of car, automobile and motor sport links. Also covers power boats, trucks and screensavers. Take a look!

------------ Sat May 18 07:21:42 CST 1996 ----------------

Nancy Bell submitted: Switchboard Find anyone anywhere. I love this site! This is great so PLEASE check it out.

------------ Sat May 18 23:45:26 CST 1996 ----------------

Tommy Wilson submitted: tv programs Really my sister (Nancy) found this site. It is a list of all the TV programs that is on and it even has a lot of the old programs too.

------------ Sun May 19 15:18:32 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Welcome to the Universe of Multimedia Greeting Cards Create your own Multimedia Greeting Cards! They even have a few already completed that you can down-load as well! Create a card, then send it in with your E-Mail message, or put it onto a diskette or print it out! Versions for Win95, and 3.1.

------------ Sun May 19 18:07:26 CST 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: Genealogy Programs Here is a good listing of Genealogy shareware programs. You can download them here from this site! Brother's Keeper and Cemetery Databases to name a few.

------------ Sun May 19 18:38:21 CST 1996 ----------------

pvhouse submitted: Gateway Destiny Check this out ! This is for those who would like a bigger monitor !

------------ Sun May 19 19:41:52 CST 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: Titanic Passenger List Here is a complete listing of the Passengers of the Titanic , thought someone might enjoy such a list! Lists survivors and the dead.

------------ Sun May 19 21:32:16 CST 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: Lectric Law Library Free Legal Information at your fingertips. Stuff for persons in the legal profession, as well! Written in plain, every- day, easy to understand language.

------------ Sun May 19 22:27:58 CST 1996 ----------------

Sarah Flaig submitted: Sweepstakes online Auto entry into a multitude of different sweepstakes. You can win any thing from hats to complete computer setups, trips, cars. Make sure you go to there are alot of other contest you can enter also but these you will have to enter each one youself. .

------------ Mon May 20 06:17:19 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: HotBot This NEW search engine will be released later today, 20 May, and is going to be the best search engine to hit the Web! Capable of indexing and searching every word on the WWW! Drop in and check it out!

------------ Mon May 20 08:18:59 CST 1996 ----------------

ketch submitted: Win 95 Central 32-bit share & free ware; good descriptions ; interesting categories. Check-out "Living Applications" for some unusual apps.

------------ Mon May 20 15:02:52 CST 1996 ----------------

Elaine submitted: Found Money Have You Lived Somewhere Else and Left a Bank Account There? Do You Have Relatives That May Have Left Money Somewhere? Try This Site and See If YOU Have Money Waiting Somewhere..

------------ Wed May 22 03:50:34 CST 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: Alabama Historical Archives This site is really nice for the Genealogist interested in Alabama History or Genealogy. Some very nice National links attached as well.

------------ Wed May 22 04:51:13 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Big Book A new and different kind of Yellow Pages! Check it out!

------------ Wed May 22 05:10:40 CST 1996 ----------------

Quad/dittohead submitted: No Boundaries (?) Okay, Vyron and anyone else I have "let down".:) Here's the other Rush site for the other Rush. Am I now "one of the few" again;)? This is really a great site, unless you're one of those leftist commie libs who don't have a clue.....check it out anyway and get educated!

------------ Fri May 24 22:26:04 CST 1996 ----------------

Vyron submitted: Quarterdeck This site offers one of the best chat programs I have run across for the Mac. It also has software for Windows. Download it for free.

------------ Sat May 25 06:11:56 CST 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: National Archives {NARA} Historical and Genealogical Archives are housed here and maintained by the NARA. Here is what they have. John F Kennedy Assaination Records Collection! Also Complete Genealogical holdings list. A Must for Genealogy!

------------ Sun May 26 14:06:56 CST 1996 ----------------

Larry Smith submitted: Archive X - A collection of various stories This is the base reference that Paul put in above for the GhostStories and has several other categories of information. (Pauls have been corrected and now work...)

------------ Mon May 27 16:56:26 CST 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: Vietnam Veterans' Wall Page These are the names on the "Wall" in Washington, the wall that lists some of those that gave their lives in defense of our country during the turbulent 60's into the 70's. It lists the entire wall. Pay homage to these folks; visit their page and remember that America, whether you love it or not, was founded and continues to be buffered by its heroes. As a veteran, I salute these comrades!

------------ Mon May 27 21:47:21 CST 1996 ----------------

Vyron submitted: Automap Taking a vacation? This site is from Microsoft and will give you a detailed listing of the route to take. This is a demo, but contains from Dyersburg to just about anywhere. Great for vacation planning. Just print the screen and you're ready to travel.

------------ Mon May 27 22:24:10 CST 1996 ----------------

Ben Dover submitted: It is dumb.

------------ Tue May 28 03:16:22 CST 1996 ----------------

Larry Smith submitted: Cooks Corner Chalkboard For those who may not have been reading the NetUser Chalkboard, here is the Cooks Corner Chalkboard for any and all to post recipes, hints, tips, and generally good tasting treats for the rest of us to try and enjoy... Happy Surfing...

------------ Tue May 28 10:35:32 CST 1996 ----------------

Ron Bizzle submitted: UTNE READER An "alternative news" site. Something a little off the "Main Stream News" perspective.

------------ Wed May 29 11:31:04 CST 1996 ----------------

Paul Peevyhouse submitted: Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Beta 1 For a quick preview of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, or to download Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0.

------------ Wed May 29 22:20:09 CST 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: Pizza Net Feel a Midnight snack coming on? Check out this site! What say we all start a push to get our own Pizza places online!

------------ Thu May 30 17:17:32 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Welcome to my little corner of the Web If you are using the newest versions of Netscape, head on over to this giant of a site......check out the animated gif icons that you can use on your home pages to make them more interesting! If you aren't using the newer versions, get on over to and GET it! They have the new 3.0 beta versions out! Enjoy!!!

------------ Fri May 31 17:56:08 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Mama's Dining Room Check out this site! This lady has a remarkable collection of great, mouth-watering recipes just waiting for you! Such a huge variety!

------------ Fri May 31 21:13:28 CST 1996 ----------------

Tommy submitted: Movie reviews You can get reviews of all the movies. So before you go to the theatres or rent the movie check it out here first.

------------ Fri May 31 22:42:43 CST 1996 ----------------

Tommy submitted: Book of Riddles This site is for those of you who like riddles and the answers to them.

------------ Mon Jun 3 21:57:15 CST 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: Medline Since we have so many doctors and people in the health care industry online, I found this site and thought it might appeal to some. A collection of medical and scientific reports used by physicians, articles on the educational needs of physicians and the public, physicians supplies, prescriptions and advice from pharmacists about drugs.

------------ Mon Jun 3 22:08:18 CST 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: EDGAR-Electronic Data Gathering and Retreival Financial Folks! Here it is! The Securities and Exchange Commission's database of Electronic Corporate filings. Best of all, its Searchable and Free!

------------ Mon Jun 3 22:20:47 CST 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: Consumerworld Consumer World has gathered over 1100 of the most useful consumer resources on the Internet. Whether you want to check an airfare, find an ATM machine anywhere in the world, file a consumer complaint with a state agency, read 100s of consumer booklets, find a low rate credit card or mortgage, research a law, look up the wholesale price of a car,locate a Better Business Bureau, find a toll-free number,or listen (literally) to the latest news. This is the spot!

------------ Thu Jun 6 06:27:19 CST 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: Cancer Research Site This site is Oncolink.Everything you always wanted to know about Cancer. Including dealing with it. Sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania. If you are afflicted or have loved ones afflicted, rated as the best site on the web.

------------ Thu Jun 6 06:34:40 CST 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: Nutrition Super Pages As the name implies, it takes a lighter look at at a very serious issue, Nutrition. Truly a lot on this site to look at. Send this to your favorite dietician. They'll thank you for it!

------------ Thu Jun 6 06:41:43 CST 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: WomenCare This is absolutely the last one I post for a while! This site is devoted to women over age 40. Sponsored by Ob/Gyn Nurse Karen Lee. Devoted to helping women get the most out of their second 40 years. Includes Hot Flash of the Month Newsletter, and the Men oh Pause Survival kit, Lots more!

------------ Thu Jun 6 18:34:54 CST 1996 ----------------

Paul Peevyhouse submitted: Barbecue'n On The Internet Though there are many ways to cook a piece of meat, none is more fun than a barbecue. To find out how to do it right, warm up to this sizzlin' site!

------------ Thu Jun 6 23:20:54 CST 1996 ----------------

Larry Smith replied: Alright Paul!! I love to barbecue - and the family is always ready to "fire" up the grill. Thanks for the info on where to find more "info"...

------------ Fri Jun 7 06:20:38 CST 1996 ----------------

Paul ,Peevyhouse submitted: ZooNet ZooNet gives you the chance to explore the world's zoos from your living room! Link to more than 100 zoo-related Web sites, including access to information about the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. You'LL also find other Cool Stuff for the entire Family!

------------ Tue Jun 11 15:49:12 CST 1996 ----------------

Paul Peevyhouse submitted: PV's Place If you ain't done so yet, git on over there and check out my itty-bitty homepage!

------------ Thu Jun 13 22:17:15 CST 1996 ----------------

John Braddy submitted: Seinfeld For Seinfeld fans. Some great wav files to load and hang on to.

------------ Fri Jun 14 07:33:13 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Gumbonet This site has some real cool MIDI music! 50's, 60's, 70's, and NEW. It's more than worth checking out!

------------ Fri Jun 14 20:47:58 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: 4Next GT Ultimate MIDI Collection Here's another fantastic MIDI site! This one has MORE files than any other that I've ever seen! Check it out!

------------ Sat Jun 15 12:53:47 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Yuckiest Site on the Internet Come on all you kids and kids at heart! Check out the Yuckiest Site on the Internet! Meet Wendell the Worm and Rodney the Roach, plus check out all the other cool stuff this site has to offer! It's original, for sure!

------------ Sun Jun 16 23:50:27 CST 1996 ----------------

John Yarbro submitted: Jumbo Thousands of freeware and shareware titles available for down- load on site. Includes descriptions and supports various platforms. Enjoy!

------------ Mon Jun 17 07:29:35 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: The Spider's Web If you like seeking out different sites to travel, you'll love this one! There are hundreds of exciting links to keep you occupied for weeks...maybe even months!

------------ Fri Jun 21 18:00:19 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: World File Project.....Free Files Area Ok folks....this is it....the ultimate in Shareware/Freeware download sites....everything from Epic, Apogee, Game Hints, Sports Guides, plus tons of other files....Well over 5,000 to snoop through! Check it out!

------------ Sat Jun 22 13:56:31 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Midi Files Archive This midi site has over 3,000 midi tunes....popular, classic, you name it and it's here! Don't forget to go to the very bottom of the page and check out the collections! Right now I have almost 1,000 midi songs, which take up around 30 MB of hard drive space! But, you don't have to go that crazy with these tunes! I load them up in my midi player, and enjoy music while I snoop out the sites for hours at a time! I'll go track down that midi player and get back in here with the address as soon as possible! Most midi players don't let you play that many tunes back-to-back, but this one does and it's fairly simple to operate, to boot!

------------ Sat Jun 22 14:37:39 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Milo's Jukebox Here's the best little ole jukebox midi player I've ever set my eyes on! You can play dozens of songs back-to-back, and if you like music as you work on your puter, this is what you have been waiting for! Hit this spot, get the player, then hit the midi sites and get the music! Enjoy!

------------ Sun Jun 23 02:46:14 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: 4Next GT Ultimate MIDI Collection This MIDI Collection Page is one of the largest I've ever seen! The total count of MIDI files on my hard drive is now 1,291, and takes up a whopping total of 41.8 MB space! At least I don't get tired of hearing the same songs over and over again! Check this site out and grab you some new tunes to go with the new midi player!

------------ Sun Jun 23 10:33:38 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Yahoo Image Surfer This new little gem from Yahoo enables you to search the Internet with thousands of little images instead of words! Check it out!

------------ Sun Jun 23 10:38:52 CST 1996 ----------------

Nancy Bell submitted: Olympic Games in Atlanta This is the site you will need to check out the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. All kinds of info.

------------ Tue Jun 25 07:46:34 CST 1996 ----------------

Tommy submitted: Sissi Sandbox This is Sissi's homepage and when you check it out you will see that she has something for everyone and almost everything.

------------ Tue Jun 25 23:53:45 CST 1996 ----------------

John Yarbro submitted: KPT Kai's Power Tips (for Photoshop) provided by The Tech, an online newspaper at MIT, this site has downloadable backgrounds and other tidbits for web designers. It also has much info concerning graphics on the web. I highly recommend it.

------------ Tue Jun 25 23:59:18 CST 1996 ----------------

John Yarbro submitted: Photoshop Sites Non-platform specific, this site is a must see for anyone using Adobe Photoshop or similar photo-enhancement programs. Also excellent stepping off point for those interested in graphics.

------------ Wed Jun 26 18:14:24 CST 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Ultimate Web Smurf Club This one is for all of us Smurf fans! Remember the cute little blue guys......oh, and don't forget Smurfette!

------------ Thu Jun 27 09:07:30 CST 1996 ----------------

John Yarbro submitted: Metro Nashville Police Departments' risk tests Three Q&A tests you can take to determine if you are (1) an easy target to be raped or mugged, (2) murdered, (3) burgalarized oe robbed at home Very imformative, it gives tips on how to protect yourself and your family and your stuff!

------------ Sun Jun 30 15:28:24 1996 ----------------

Larry Smith submitted: Ecsis Topic Board Another type of chalkboard just to keep people coming back to see what else is here!!!

------------ Mon Jul 1 20:46:48 1996 ----------------

Nancy Bell submitted: WATERWORKS The Pool Care Site on the Internet. Follow the links and you'll find everything you need for a safe and fun Pool Season. If you can't find it there, they also give you an 800 number to call if you need more help.

------------ Mon Jul 1 21:26:54 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Riddler Play trivia games + find a lost dog + enter contests = win prizes! Go check it out!

------------ Wed Jul 3 19:27:07 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: ZD NET Keep up with all the computer magazines that ZD Net has to offer, as well as down-load all the newest and best shareware as soon as it becomes available! I know, I preach this site till everybody sees it in their dreams, but go take a LOOK and find out for yourself! Till later!

------------ Wed Jul 3 21:12:05 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Stephen King Website Hot Dog! A Stephen King page that has all the rest beat! Check it out! What new things has the King himself got in the works? What awaits the fans of the BEST? Go see!

------------ Thu Jul 4 12:44:03 1996 ----------------

John Yarbro submitted: Jammin-Johns This fellow makes musical instrument shaped toilet seats and also sells musical equipment styled bathroom fixtures. It's worth a look. ROFLMAO John

------------ Thu Jul 4 12:55:35 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Jungian Personality Test Based on the Jungian Personality Test, I'm a type ENFP. Skip on over to the site and answer the nearly 80 questions and see how you rate!

------------ Sat Jul 6 23:28:44 1996 ----------------

Dan Pinkerton submitted: John Skilton's Baseball Links Here is a site for the Ultimate Baseball Fan! It contains over 1400 Links to Baseball Teams, etc. , even has Minor League Teams homepages!

------------ Sun Jul 7 04:24:13 1996 ----------------

Zubrovka submitted: Internet Underground Music Archive Alternative site, has video, audio clips of emerging garage type bands from all over the world. Check it out! Zubrovka

------------ Sun Jul 7 04:27:46 1996 ----------------

Zubrovka submitted: The Godfather (the movies) site If you like the Godfather saga, 3 movies, you'll like this interesting site. enjoy, Zubrovka

------------ Sun Jul 7 17:12:24 1996 ----------------

Tommy Wilson submitted: Court TV If you are interested in what is going on in the courts, then you will like this site. You can also get legal help here. You can read about famous trails and keep up with the ones going on now.

------------ Mon Jul 8 22:16:16 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Web 21 150+ sites where you can go to download games, games, and more games! Check it out! We all have our favorite sites to go download our games, but I'm really enjoying checking these others out, as well!

------------ Mon Jul 8 23:02:11 1996 ----------------

Mary Myers submitted: The Official Olympics site This site includes "sights & sounds", order tickets, official products, Torch Relay information, schedules, Art Festival, travel info, a fun site, and sponsor info. I went to "Sights & Sounds" first. There are links to the multimedia tools you will need to see and hear the news clips and videos. You can download everything you need at one site. (Bamba, Shockwave, Quicktime)

------------ Mon Jul 8 23:04:13 1996 ----------------

Mary Myers submitted: NBC's Olympics Page This site is suppose to compliment the information you will get on TV.

------------ Mon Jul 8 23:08:51 1996 ----------------

Mary Myers submitted: CNN Interactive Olympics Site Daily news updates, schedules and athlete profiles. In the Multimedia section, you can download Apple's QuickTime VR. This allows you to view files in a 360 degree perspective...instructions included. NOTE: some of the sites listed tonight are written for Netscape 3.

------------ Mon Jul 8 23:13:32 1996 ----------------

Mary Myers submitted: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Olympic Site Provides news, profiles and comprehensive information on lodging and rentals, dining and night-life. Chat rooms and "Cams Across Atlanta", camera shots of different locations in Atlanta. ('course at 11:15pm, you can't really see a whole lot).

------------ Mon Jul 8 23:19:19 1996 ----------------

Mary Myers submitted: AT&T 1996 Olympic Games Site This site features, amidst a visual feast, the 24 hour live video feed. There is currently one active camera. The rest will not be ready till the Games begin. They say the Switchboard link will be active at the same time.

------------ Mon Jul 8 23:28:27 1996 ----------------

Mary Myers submitted: Its Atlanta..."The Official Olympics Page" This is a comprehensive listing of Olympics sites and Atlanta related sites. Not graphics intensive and good links.

------------ Mon Jul 8 23:31:32 1996 ----------------

Mary Myers submitted: 1998 Winter Olympics If you haven't had enough Olympics yet, check out the site for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano Japan.

------------ Mon Jul 8 23:33:39 1996 ----------------

Mary Myers submitted: 2000 Summer Olympics If you STILL haven't had enough Olympics, try the site for the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney Australia.

------------ Mon Jul 8 23:35:13 1996 ----------------

Mary Myers submitted: 2002 Winter Olympics This is the last one tonight. The 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

------------ Thu Jul 11 21:45:18 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Windows Internet Magazine Get on top and stay on top, of what's going on in the Windows world! Downloads, submit your site, hot sites, what's new, plus more!

------------ Sat Jul 13 07:42:33 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Geek Net "There is a fine line between Geek and Nerd..." Check out the Geek of the Week page, plus more goodies! To quote, "if you have to ask yourself which you are, you are too close to that line"! Well, I'm a nerd, don't have to ask myself!

------------ Sat Jul 13 08:58:04 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Night Gallery True fans of the horror scene will really appreciate this truly remarkable site! For BEST enjoyment, choose the NO FRAMES version! While visiting this site, be sure to check out the various horror stories submitted and if you have a good one that YOU wrote, submit it while you are at it! You will enjoy the background music and voices so don't be in too big of a hurry to skip around to another area! Great for just before bed-time viewing and reading!

------------ Sun Jul 14 00:16:59 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: The (unofficial) Elvis Home Page This site is great...Elvis fans need to check out the Elvis software, last will & testament, songs, plus more!

------------ Tue Jul 16 07:38:59 1996 ----------------

sissi submitted: Pegasis Image This is one of the most beautiful images that I have ever seen, and I just wanted to share it with everyone! I'm using it as my wallpaper on the desktop! Go take a look! It takes a while for the image to come up, but is it ever worth waiting for!

------------ Tue Jul 16 20:30:49 1996 ----------------

Cheryl submitted: CuteFTP This site links to the Windows 95 download section which includes CuteFTP, uFTP, TerripanFTP, and many more...

------------ Wed Jul 17 09:52:38 1996 ----------------

Cheryl submitted: Screensavers A-Z This web site has exactly what it says, downloadable screensavers from A to Z...check it out...

------------ Sun Jul 21 19:02:24 1996 ----------------

Paul Peevyhouse submitted: PV's Programming Page No! This isn't PV's Place! But it does belong to Paul Peavyhouse (not Paul Peevyhouse !) Make any sense? Just click on the "link" to find out!

------------ Tue Jul 23 09:21:27 1996 ----------------

John Yarbro submitted: Atlanta Olympic Games Interactive site This site has spy cams, interactive and chat links, and more info on the Games and Atlanta than you probably want to know. Includes virtual tours of many of the new buildings, such as the Georgia Tech Aquatic center. Check it out! Errr, I think PC's can use this too! :)

------------ Tue Jul 23 09:30:47 1996 ----------------

John Yarbro submitted: Switchboard Find people, nationwide - 90 million names; find businesses nationwide - 10 million businesses listed. Unique search engine . It works too!

------------ Tue Jul 23 14:58:27 1996 ----------------

Nancy Bell submitted: Better Busineww Bureau If you have a complaint that you want to send to the Better Business Bureau, this is where you need to go.

------------ Fri Aug 2 09:45:48 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Fantasy Realm For those that love fantasy.....Dragons, Unicorns, and such, you might want to look at this page! There are also several links to some chat sites, games sites, and several links to Fantasy artwork! Unicorns in Flight and Network Unicorn are two of the prettiest pictures I've seen!

------------ Fri Aug 2 16:43:33 1996 ----------------

Staff submitted: ECSIS Members Only Here is a little something we are working on for our hard working friends. Let us know what you think.

------------ Sat Aug 3 19:03:08 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Publishers Clearing House Enter the P.C.H. Sweepstakes to win $10 Million or prizes! Enter as often as you like!

------------ Sat Aug 3 19:17:19 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: CatalogLink This site offers free catalogs of all types!

------------ Sat Aug 3 19:21:09 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Weight Watchers For those of us that want to lose weight and keep it off, or just plain ole want to stay trim, this is the site to check out!

------------ Mon Aug 5 05:16:23 1996 ----------------

Paul Peevyhouse submitted: Tennessee: America at it's Best Welcome from Governor Don Sundquist It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Tennessee State Government World Wide Web server. As governor, I am proud to help make state government more accessible to its citizens.

------------ Tue Aug 6 16:55:55 1996 ----------------

Jason Theiling submitted: Mapquest Great site! Check it out! Plan a trip!

------------ Fri Aug 9 06:57:43 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Jeopardy Pro NEW! Jeopardy on-line! Complete with the Jeopardy theme song, too! This game site is just getting started and they need all the help they can get to let everyone know they are there! So, all you Jeopardy fans, go enjoy yourself! It's FUN!

------------ Fri Aug 9 08:28:53 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: World Village This site is awesome! Become a member (FREE) and have access to IRC or Palace chat, games galore, and lots more entertaining things! Kid's safe site, listed amongst the Top 5%, rated a 4-star site by NetGuide for the month of August! Visually appealing, nicely laid out! You chatters need to really get into this one! To get the most enjoyment out of it, download the Palace software for realistic chat ( click on "Village Square" ). Don't forget to sign in as a new member!

------------ Fri Aug 9 20:50:05 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: EarthWeb Chat This chat site is a lot like MIRC, but there is NOTHING to download! Just log in and join in the chat topic of your choice!

------------ Sun Aug 11 13:41:16 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: MoraffWare Just started up on 7 August! MahJongg fans, check this site out! Steve has the 3.1 and the Win95 versions of his super popular MahJongg games, as well as some of his other games available for our down-loading and playing pleasure! Games like the regular MahJongg, plus the newer ones like SphereJongg and RingJongg! Many thanks, Steve!

------------ Sat Aug 17 09:25:29 1996 ----------------

kbird33 submitted: Hotwired Home Page This link provides access to chat room, on line discussions, News, and live broad casts....Check it out, some of the stuff is pretty amazing. You have to join the Hotwired club..but this is free of charge.

------------ Sat Aug 17 09:25:53 1996 ----------------

kbird33 submitted: Hotwired Home Page This link provides access to chat room, on line discussions, News, and live broad casts....Check it out, some of the stuff is pretty amazing. You have to join the Hotwired club..but this is free of charge.

------------ Sat Aug 17 18:46:07 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: The DJ Player Listening to music, the kinds of music that YOU like, makes snooping out the Internet sites even more enjoyable! You can listen to Country, Jazz, Rock, and all the other types of music. Requires Windows 95. This little radio is COOL! Go check it out!

------------ Sun Aug 18 11:00:52 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Download Games, Internet Utilities, Winsock..... Grab the Norton Anti-Virus Scan! Go to the Win 95 Games & Apps area and it's listed at the bottom of the page. Sorry, I didn't see a Win 3.1 version, but when I do find one, I'll stick it in here! Regardless of whether you already have a virus scanner, you STILL need to check this one out! I have TWO that I use regularly and feel safer!

------------ Sun Aug 25 08:54:39 1996 ----------------

Larry Smith submitted: Netuser Goodies Pages The Netuser goodies pages - some thing for everyone!!!

------------ Sun Aug 25 23:09:21 1996 ----------------

Zubrovka submitted: Image Soup electronic magazine I ran up on this site while surfing form the Metropolitan Magazine site. Image Soup is one of those Star listed sites and is devoted to design, primarily design done with photoshop and illustrator. Be sure to check out the Galleries. Enjoy, Zubrovka

------------ Thu Aug 29 15:27:03 1996 ----------------

Ron Bizzle submitted: The Inkwell If you like political satire this is a site for you. It is a changing collection of those political cartoons that you see in the papers by all those syndicated cartoonist. Really good.

------------ Sat Aug 31 15:20:15 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Horror Zone If you are into getting spooked, go check out the NEW horror site! Cool graphics, cool music, cool links!

------------ Sat Sep 7 00:13:54 1996 ----------------

Larry Smith submitted: ISWT Comments Board This is the ISWT Comments Board. Similar to our Chalkboard and with an apparently great bunch of people like we have around here. Let's pitch in and show them how "friendly" we are around these here parts.....

------------ Sat Sep 7 19:16:37 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: COLA "Center for On-Line Addiction"! Yep, you read it right! They have proven that the Internet CAN be addicting!

------------ Sun Sep 8 11:41:06 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Cypher 2000 We have an artist in the Family! If you need backgrounds, buttons, bars, animated graphics, etc., check out this site! Thomas is working hard to complete more of his designs to add to his site.

------------ Sun Sep 8 22:46:30 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Windows 95 DEMO This is a demo for Windows 3.1 users who would like to test drive Windows 95 to see what it's all about and determine if they like it enough to purchase the full version! Being a Windows 95 snob, myself, I think you will like it!

------------ Tue Sep 10 11:23:23 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Net Search A great place to start all has Lycos, open text, Magellan, find people, businesses, hot sites, etc. Lots of great starting areas to wherever you want to go!

------------ Wed Sep 11 16:57:24 1996 ----------------

Ron Bizzle submitted: NewtWatch Some realities about Newt and a few others. This is a "Got To See" Site.

------------ Thu Sep 12 19:26:02 1996 ----------------

Dale Colclasure submitted: The Right Side of the Web I guess the best description is, a site for those who like politics, but don't like slick willie. Well, you didn't think I was going to let that Newtwatch post go unanswered did you.

------------ Sun Sep 15 10:35:58 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Themes Central Microsoft Plus Pack demo can be found here, which is what you need if you want to check out all the cool Themes that are being created! Some themes come with a screensaver. All come with the desktop paper, cursers, sounds, and colors. Never get bored looking at the same screen & colors and hearing the same sounds over and over! Spice it up! Download the Plus Pack demo and enjoy! Then, check out the various themes and go to to find even MORE!

------------ Sun Sep 15 11:04:30 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Netuser' Goodie Page Before you trot off to check out the Themes sites, or any other site where you intend on downloading anything, stick this little gem on your hard drive first! Scan down the page to Multi-File Download program. This enables you to download SEVERAL programs at the same time intstead of having to snag them one at a time! While there, be sure you download a copy of Norton Internet Virus scanner! It checks everything BEFORE it lets you put it onto your hard drive!

------------ Sat Oct 5 18:25:33 1996 ----------------

Paul Peevyhouse submitted: Happy Halloween This page was made just for HALLOWEEN. It has a few links on it concerning this October Holiday! But you better see it this month, cause it will be gone at the end of this month!!! TRICK or TREAT!!!!

------------ Tue Oct 15 22:26:01 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: ZD Internet Megasite ZD Net has a NEW magazine, ZD Internet Magazine. Go take a peek at their debut on-line issue! The official release date is 12 November for the first printed issue to be on the store shelves!

------------ Wed Oct 16 18:05:57 1996 ----------------

Jan Smith submitted: Sissi's Newbie Page This is a page designed for the Intenet Newcomer by our own sissi and it is meant to give some great ideas of how to get started finding all the interesting stuff out there in Cyberspace. Well done sisse and thanks!!! Jan

------------ Mon Oct 21 14:19:33 1996 ----------------

John submitted: Internet Card Central Jumps from here to dozens of places you can send virtual postcards, virtual flowers, and virtual gifts. This is a lot of fun, the receipent's enjoy it....and it is cheaper than sending the real thing.....Matter of fact, It's free!

------------ Mon Oct 28 15:04:23 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: "Twas the Night Before Jesus Came" This is a beautiful poem, set in the style of "Twas the Night Before Christmas".

------------ Mon Oct 28 15:07:21 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Horror Zone Spooky horror page, with lots of links to spooky sites! See the lightning flash, hear the thunder roll...

------------ Mon Oct 28 23:51:35 1996 ----------------

John Jenkins submitted: FTP Search I download ALOT of software, most turns out to be...shall we say "less" than advertised. Also I don't always look at something as soon as I get it. Sometimes you only end up with the file name and 5-1500k of compressed trash that won't expand, with this link, the name's enough to relocate the original file.

------------ Tue Oct 29 00:36:14 1996 ----------------

Terry submitted: Coders 32 There are a few useful little apps, here. But, to tell the truth, I just like the way the site is done

------------ Tue Oct 29 01:42:07 1996 ----------------

Terry submitted: Lonestar Museum by Mark Harden Fine Art lovers will be hard-put to find a site which does a better job of conveying the feeling of the works presented. The ftp site offers 1500+ works from scores of artists. Don't fail to check-out the three "keeper" links Mark has chosen.

------------ Tue Oct 29 10:31:14 1996 ----------------

Terry submitted: StoryWeb Looking for original stories? This site has stories from every genre.

------------ Thu Oct 31 19:07:23 1996 ----------------

Nancy Bell submitted: Ghost Hunters Gallery This is the largest Collection of Ghost Photographs on the Internet....or so it says....Is a link from Art Bell

------------ Thu Oct 31 19:14:19 1996 ----------------

Nancy Bell submitted: GHOST Pictures of ghost. Very Good

------------ Thu Oct 31 19:17:29 1996 ----------------

Nancy Bell submitted: Crop Circles Pictures of Crop Circles. Interesting!!!

------------ Fri Nov 1 05:20:26 1996 ----------------

Paul Peevyhouse submitted: Microsoft Site for Kids! This is a very COOL site for the kids! BTW, this GROWN KID likes it too!!

------------ Tue Nov 5 16:32:21 1996 ----------------

Nancy Bell submitted: Tommy's Sound board Hello everyone, check out my brother's page and you can see what he does when he is not on the computer.

------------ Fri Nov 8 06:54:19 1996 ----------------

Randy Hobbs submitted: Columbia 300 Bowling This site has information on columbia bowling balls,accessories etc. It also has drilling layout sheets that you can print out. There are a lot of avid bowlers in Dyersburg like myself and I thought this would be an interesting link for local keglars.

------------ Thu Nov 14 16:33:33 1996 ----------------

Gabby submitted: Keeptalking Central A fun chatplace for all,chat,make rooms,send private messages,and also become a member of keeptalking.

------------ Sat Nov 16 00:19:42 1996 ----------------

Larry Smith submitted: Dyer County, Tennessee History pages This is a series of pages on some aspects of the history of Dyer County, Tennessee. Superbly done by our own Earl Willoughby, if you are interested in some of our "background" then this is a "must see"...

------------ Sun Nov 17 08:53:09 1996 ----------------

Randy Hobbs submitted: World Cam Live camera shots from around the world.

------------ Wed Nov 20 17:00:21 1996 ----------------

Greg submitted: Promise Keeper's Home Page This is the place for all the men out there desiring to live Godly lives. There are Christian links, PK resources, information about what the Promise Keeper's organization is, and dates listing future events, and much more! Wives, if you want a gift for your husband this year, try out this sight. This is for "Men Of Integrity." God bless!

------------ Sun Nov 24 19:53:47 1996 ----------------

Paul Peevyhouse submitted: PV's Place Same ole name,,,,,,BUT ,,,,Brand New Look!!!! I think everyone will enjoyed my site a little more!! But beware!! It's still under construction-HARD HATS REQUIRED!!!(just kidding 'bout the hard hats!!)

------------ Fri Nov 29 09:36:40 1996 ----------------

John Jenkins submitted: The Center for Earthquake Research and Information I found this site while trying to get some real-time data on the earthquake last night. There is none available for 2-3 hours after an earthquake occurs, so in their feedback form I suggested they should try to allow us access to that data. In this geographic area we all know it's WHEN not IF an earthquake will occur.

------------ Sun Dec 1 10:01:16 1996 ----------------

Nancy Bell submitted: cam pictures Click on a city and get an almowt live picture. You can see what any of the cities look like now. Some refresh from every 2 to 5 min. Be ready to stay awhile when you get there.

------------ Mon Dec 2 01:31:04 1996 ----------------

John Jenkins submitted: HotBot Search This search utility has grown up. The times I tried it a few months back, there was little there, now it claims to be twice as large as Alta Vista.(over 54M docs.)After using it a few times today, I don't doubt them, go type your name in, see what the Web knows about you!

------------ Tue Dec 3 19:12:25 1996 ----------------

John Jenkins submitted: John's Quad Frames Page I thought of this concept last night, thinking it would be nice to have more than one page in view at a time. This Page is how it turned out.

------------ Fri Dec 6 20:14:38 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: The Search Satellite The Search Satellite is a pop-up window that accesses 20 Internet search engines from one convenient input field. Your search results will appear in the main browser window.

------------ Sun Dec 8 12:44:30 1996 ----------------

Tommy submitted: Thomas Link Pad This is a page put together by Sissi and Thomas. There are servral interesting things to checkout so take a look and see what they came up with.

------------ Tue Dec 10 12:30:49 1996 ----------------

Sissi submitted: Angels Everywhere This page is Donna's Christmas Present....she wanted "angels, angels everywhere", and that's just exactly what she got!

------------ Tue Dec 10 19:24:42 1996 ----------------

James Milligan submitted: Atomic3D 3D Animation Broadcast System for the internet!.........gota check it out!

------------ Tue Dec 17 15:37:39 1996 ----------------

Willie Schaefer submitted: Zircon's movies and more Hello out there in TV land if there is anyone out there who likes movies, video games, music, or anime visit my page. TO ALL WHO VISIT: Please Sign My Guestbook, my counter is down and it's the only way I can tell if anyone's been there. Keep on Hackin Z T D

------------ Tue Dec 24 01:11:46 1996 ----------------

Franklin Hurst submitted: Franklin's Hangar I down loaded NetScape Gold 2.02 and got to playing around with it and this is what I come up with. It's mostly link's to local pages and thing's I like to do.

------------ Tue Dec 24 08:59:39 1996 ----------------

Paul Peevyhouse submitted: A Guide to Knots !!!NOW YOU CAN THROW AWAY THOSE CLIP-ON TIES!!! This site is for the men who don't know how, is no good, or just want to tie a better tie!! A MUST for ALL MEN!!