Client Personal Greetings

  • Personal Greetings is an EXCLUSIVE feature and only available through Page-A-Matic. It allows our clients the ability to record a personal or business greeting which will be heard by all callers who access the client's private pager phone number.

  • A typical greeting would be, "Hello, this is Bob Jones with XYZ Company". This would assure your callers that they have reached the correct party. Our paging system will also instruct the caller as to the type of pager that you carry and how to leave a message.

  • The process is a simple procedure and requires only a Touch-Tone phone:

    Step-1: Dial your personal pager phone number
    Step-2: Touch "0" to interrupt the current greeting
    Step-3: At the personal passcode prompt, dial the last (4) digits of your capcode
    Step-4: Touch "1" to record your message
    Be sure to wait for the tone before your speak!!

  • If you would like to know the last four digits of your capcode please call us.

  • Have fun with this exclusive Page-A-Matic feature and use it wisely. If you need assistance with your Personal Greeting, call us at


    or come by our office at

    803 Shelby Drive

  • NOTE: Frequent callers can by-pass all greetings and go directly to the Touch-Tone message entry feature by touching the ASTERICK (*) key.