Page-A-Matic Color Pagers

Now, with BRAVO EXPRESS, Page-A-Matic can offer you pagers in Colors and options to reflect your lifestyle!

Life isn't black and White - so why must your pager be!!!

Life These days is moving faster than ever before, and you don't want to miss a minute of it! You work hard and have an active life. Not only do you need to keep in touch, others need to keep in touch with you.

The fastest, simplest, most cost efficient way to do so is with a pager. We've placed all the paging features you could ask for into a compact, brightly colored housing with a large front display. Page-A-Matic offers the latest in Bravo Express pager features such as silent messaging (vibrating), 12/24 hour timekeeping, message timestamping and musical alert.

Get with the times! You pager doesn't have to just BEEP anymore. Call Page-A-Matic today for the latest in technology pagers...

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