Last updated 4:06 AM (CDT) Saturday, July 05, 1997.

  • Microsoft Home Page (

  • Internet Explorer 4.0 (12.6 megs) (4/17/97)
  • This is the Preview Release of Microsoft's latest browser. This is the minimum install version. It will not make the changes to your basic Win95 system. It will replace News/Mail with MS's new client called "Outlook Express".

    This file was uploaded to Incoming by John Jenkins (4-17-97)

  • Internet Explorer Version 3.02 (10.63 mg) (3/25/97) (filename msie302m95.exe)

    This appears to be the last release with the security patches included.

  • Netscape Home Page (

  • Netscape 4.01 Basic install version. (8.01 meg) (6-19-97) (filename cb32e401.exe)
  • This is Netscape 4.01 Basic install version. With the security fix.
  • Netscape 4.01 Full install version. (13.03 meg) (6-19-97) (filename cc32e401.exe)
  • This Netscape 4.01 Full install version. With the security fix.
  • Netscape 4.01 Professional install version. (15.08 meg) (6-19-97) (filename cp32e401.exe)
  • This is Netscape 4.01 Full Professional install version. With the security fix.
  • Netsacpe Navigator Pro 3.0 Final release of version 3.0 (5,910kb) (filename n32e30p.exe)
  • This is the stand alone final release version 3.0 of Netscape. (not the gold version.)
  • Netscape 3.01 Gold (5,955kb) (filename g32e301p.exe)
  • This not a Beta version, this is the finished Version 3.01 Gold. That means it has lots of the add-ins already in it.

  • Opera Browser (6-30-97) (778 k) (filename op212e32.exe)
  • I'm trying this right now and the description below isn't exagerated.

    Opera is an amazingly small (783 k) browser developed in Norway that does nearly everything the Big Browsers can do (except Active X and Java) with an incredibly small amount of memory. Workable on a 486 with as little as 4M of RAM, Opera's got all the features you've come to expect--tables, cookies, HTML 3.2, frames -- and a few features that even the big boys don't have like stand-alone support (no winsock needed), a fully customizable user interface, and support for handicapped access. In fact, Opera's even got a few nice features that the likes of Netscape and Explorer should emulate -- keyboard- only surfing, built-in MPEG support, and excellent multiple-window management.

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