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Welcome to The Moody Babyz home! We have been busy as little bees skittering around our home to freshen everything up for you! If you have been here before, I hope that you discover how much easier it is to get around in here now! ;)

Since the Babyz official web site has dismantled nearly everything, people purchasing the game in the past year has left them without some of the newer downloads. There is a site that has received permission to place these items on their web site, so head on over to The Petz Warehouse and see what you have been missing out on! Recent purchasers of other PF Magic games can also find the official downloads for Dogz and Catz!

This site isn't named "Moody" Babyz because the babyz are moody...although they DO get "moody" sometimes! hehe! No, it's named "Moody Babyz" because my last name is Moody and thus my babyz last names are Moody too! I started out with two babyz back in November 1999, determined they would be the only ones I adopted. However it didn't exactly work out that way! I've adopted a few more babyz! Who can resist those cute little darlings?!

If you just happened upon this page and don't know about "Babyz", go to their home page and download the player they have. You can play with a babyz live...its just to let you see some of the things they can do. You can't fully enjoy them unless you go buy the game! It's not high, only $30 or so, depends on where you go to buy it!

The babyz up in the heart at the top of this page are Jamie, Nichole and Amber! They are a hand full too....Amber and Nichole are "fuss budgets" and little Jamie really gets fussed at a LOT but he can hold his own with them better than he did at first! I"m serious....he fusses right back at them now! LOL

I apologize for the lack of updates to this area of Fantasy Realm Castle! This is one HUGE got up to nearly 1,000 pages *a whopping 180 MB in size!* and just thinking of getting in and working on anything in the past six months or just seemed like too much! Since January, I've been contemplating re-working it from the top on down and weeding a lot of it out. Well it's been a mountain worth of work but it is worth it! I'm not sure how often I'll get in here to update, just please don't expect daily or weekly updates! I've started working at one of our local internet service providers, ECSIS, who also happens to be where this entire web site lives, and my own business on top of it gets to be a bit much at times. Plus, on top of all of that, I've gotten addicted to "The Sims" too! You know how that goes...its 2:00 in the morning and you have to force yourself to get some sleep so you can get up later that morning for work, school, etc.!

Here are some of "The Moody Babyz!"

Amber Eddie Jamie Jasmin Missy Nichole

Amber, Eddie, Jamie, Jasmin, Missy, Nichole


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Visit the "birth place" of "BABYZ"!

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Last Updated 24 April, 2002