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Fantasy Realm


The Fantasy Realm

Unicorns dancing
In starlight so bright,
Faeries gently prancing
With innocent delight,
Dragons winging
Their way through the skies,
Angels bringing
Joyous song to our lives.
This is the Fantasy Realm
A land of magickal scenes,
With a princess at the helm
To guide us through her sweet dreams.

For Sissi of Fantasy Realm, by Milady Daniel

Welcome to the "once again" redecorated Fantasy Realm! This is one of my favorite areas of Fantasy Realm Castle! I grew up believing in fairy tales...lands where dragons roamed, faeries flittered, unicorns pranced, elves played, and all sorts of other things!

People have laughed at me before....but keeping this part of my "childhood" alive makes me happy! We don't know for sure whether these lovely beings exist, they could be very well hidden from our site to protect themselves. I like to think that they do exist....somewhere.

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This is Moon Glo! She is the protectress of Fantasy Realm...she helps to be sure that all the little creatures remain safe from harm and are able to continue their existance unhampered by humanity.....

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The Warrior Rune (Tewaiz) is the rune for Courage and Dedication The Protection Rune (Algiz) is the protector of the Spiritual Warrior in us, while we work through our trials and battles to win. The Defense Rune (Eihwaz) helps us to see what is coming "at us", and protects us as we continue to grow in the spirit. The Binding Rune (Isa) binds all of these together to create the aura of Protection, Defense and Spiritual victory.




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