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Special notice for Students and Teachers !!!
While we know that the schools, college and other facilities are now working on "access" systems, we thought we would help people out with regard to reading their mail from other systems. 

If you receive mail on another system (other than, you may have all your mail "forwarded" to our system and read it (and reply and so forth) right from your account here. 

To do this, simply create a file in your HOME account (where you login) on your remote system called ".forward" (less the quotes). In this file place your E-MAIL address for ECSIS.NET. EG for me this would be "". Replace "lesmith" in this example with your account name. This will tell the remote mail system to forward all your mail to "" where account is your account name with ECS. 

For most systems, the following instructions will work. Replace each place that I have entered "account-name" with your ECSIS.NET account-name (login name): 

     $ echo "" > .forward



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