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worldWelcome to our library media center! We are excited about your visit and our library program. It is the library that provides the link between students and the information resources they need. Our library has an atmosphere that is conductive to learning; it promotes lifelong readers and information searchers.


keyMission Statement:key

Lara Kendall Library wishes to provide and maintain a collection of materials that supports and enhances the curriculum and interest of our students and faculty. The atmosphere of the library is inviting, attractive, stimulating and enriching for study, research and browsing by our patrons. We encourage increased independence of patrons and responsible use of facilities and materials. We expect appropriate behavior, honesty and fairness; the librarian and assistants model that behavior as well.

heartThe librarian is caring, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about learning. The librarian is to inform patrons of new resources and trends. She/he collaborates with teachers to design and implement curriculum projects for students. In summation, the library promotes literacy, enjoyment of reading and love of learning.

worldLara Kendall Library continues its vision for the future which involves collection building as well as technology advances.

notepadLara Kendall Library is well equipped with 3 networked Internet ready IBM computers and 1 laser computer that is used only for our Accelerated Reader program . Our Accelerated Reader program boast of 4,890 test available to our readers. Channel One News is shown daily in our 5th-8th grade classes. We have 4 electronic encyclopedias and 3 writing centers equipped with presentation software. The library will be completely automated with the Winnebago system in the school year 1998-1999. The book collection has a total 15,216 books.


newMiss Monica's Summer Reading Listnew

Non-fiction for Grades 1-4

splatWhat's a Penguin Doing in a Place Like This? Miriam Schlein

splatTrapped by the Ice! Micheal McCurdy

splatBeautiful Bats - Linda Glaser

splatCurious Creatures: Owls - James Taris

splatWhere Lincoln Walked - Raymond Bail

splatUndersea City - Dana Meachen Rau

splatA Polar Bear Journey - Debbie Miller

Fiction Grades 1-4

splatOld People, Frogs, and Albert - Nancy Wilson

splatCan You Keep a Secret? P. J. Petersen

splatDaphne Eloise Slater, Who's Tall for Her Age - Gina Pardo

splatAlex and the Cat - Helen Griffith

splatPoppleton Everyday - Cynthia Rylant

splatDon't miss The Litlle Bill Series by Bill Cosby!


Non-fiction for Grades 5-8

splatFunny Bones and Other Body Parts - How it Works Series

splatOur Planet Earth - Scholastic's Ency.

splatChildren's Guide to Insects and Spiders - Jinny Johnson

splatBattlefields Across America Series - Yorktown - Shiloh - Lexington & Others

splatWish You Were Here: Emily's Guide to the Fifty States - Kathleen Krull

Fiction Grades 5-8

splatSpeeding Bullet - Neal Shusterman

splatBlue Skin of the Sea - Graham Sailisbury

splatSweet Valley Twins & Friends Series - Pascal

splatThe Island and the Ring - Laura Stevenson

splatSome Fine Dog - Patti Sherlock

splatThe Broken Bridge - Philip Pullman

splatMr. Tucket - Gary Paulsen

splatHarris and Me - Gary Paulsen

splatMarvelous Marvin and the Wolfman Mystery - Bonnie Pryor

splatTo Grandmother's House We Go - Willo Roberts



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