Dear Dyer County Christian,

    How would you like to be able to dash off a quick plea for prayer and
know that it is going out to Christians right here in Dyer County?

    As I was praying this morning, it crossed my mind that I sure wished
there was a way to get prayers out to all Christians in Dyer County.  My
Church has a prayer chain, as I'm sure your church does.  But it is limited
to our members.  Sometimes, we must pray about bigger issues.  Therefore
I've started a e-mail prayer chain. Welcome to Pray Dyer County!  Here's a
description of the prayer chain:  To promote Christian prayer in Dyer
County, Tennessee.  Personal and corporate prayer requests will be accepted
but not advertisement of activities or forwards or devotional thoughts.

To subscribe, send any e-mail to :

To Unsubscribe, send any e-mail to:

    Once you are a member of this prayer chain, you may pass along any
prayer request to

    There is no charge or fee.  Please do not forward anything to this list,
use it as a place to promote any event or ministry, or gossip.  If the
request is private, do not use names or assign a name that you and God alone

    Please pass this e-mail along to any Christian in Dyer County or that
has an interest in Dyer County.

  In Christ Alone,
Earl T. Dickerson