Due to growth, we have had to register all new IP addresses from ARIN (American Registry of Internet Numbers). The good news, is that we are also increasing our backbone (Internet access) capacity so surfing and working on the net should be "faster" than ever. The bad news, is that starting Thursday, 12 February 2004, we will be changing all of the ECSIS.NET base IP addresses to the new block that has been issued to us. All addresses that are currently 206.154.12.X (anything) will become 65.255.96.X (same last digit(S)). So our mail server ( will become More importantly, our DNS servers, for those who are using static DNS, are changing. If you _do_ perchance have ECSIS IP addresses for DNS, NTP (time), or other functions (vice the name which we will change here), you must update during the day on Thursday for this to continue working. NEW DNS servers are already online at the following addresses and can be used immediately: and
if you want to go ahead and change. Please direct any questions, problems, and such to our support staff.

Official (authoratative) servers for any domains we currently host are already on-line and working at: and and

These are ONLY for registration (networksolutions, godaddy, opensers) domain registration, not for regular dns.
We appreciate your patience with this move and together we will get through it and have an even better service for us all to share.
Thanks, The Staff